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Colorful Sunset Wedding Ideas

romantic sunset inspired wedding ideas

North of San Antonio and West of Austin sits a beloved piece of Texas that has been christened the Hill Country. A beautiful juxtaposition between the rugged hills and the abundant wildflowers that cover them, it is the perfect canvas for some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see.

Those very sunsets were the inspiration for these colorful sunset wedding ideas that will leave you in awe. Explore all of the details of this shoot in the full gallery, perfectly photographed by Luke and Cat Photography.

blush watercolor wedding invitation suite blush watercolor wedding invitation gold and diamond engagement rings

gorgeous sunset inspired wedding ideas

pretty sitting area for your wedding beautiful wedding hair updo

pink and orange wedding bouquet

Sunset Inspiration

As the sun slowly melts behind the hills, it leaves a trail of glowing pinks and fiery oranges that linger for awhile, burned into the sky, before being swallowed up by night. Through creating a simple and organic backdrop we have allowed color to remain at the heart of this editorial as we play with rich, warm tones and bring Hill Country Sunsets to life.

beautiful blush sweetheart table idea

beautiful blush sweetheart table ombre pink wedding place setting

bright and bold sunset inspired centerpiece

Maple & Love Cakes

Maple and Love is all about baking you something that is out of the ordinary. We think sweets should always bring a smile to your face. Allow us to introduce a little bit of Australian quirkiness to your celebrations with our sweet creations. Our cakes and other sweets range from the whimsical and fanciful to sophisticated and elegant.

organic chic cake table display

pink and navy groomsmen style greenery boutonniere

sunset inspired wedding cake

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