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Bon Voyage Kits Are The New Welcome Bags

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In a post-lockdown world, couples are placing more value on travel and shared experiences with their loved ones, so it’s no wonder that destination weddings are on the rise. When your guests are traveling to your wedding it’s customary to gift them a little something to make their trip more comfortable, but when you’re planning an international wedding, lugging all the goodies for a welcome bag overseas may be a little complicated. Well, what if you didn’t have to? Instead of waiting until they’re already at the destination, send them a little something to get them excited and to help their trip go as smoothly as possible–Introducing Bon Voyage Kits. Here are some travel-friendly goodies that your guests will love.

TSA-Approved Vinyl Pouch

TSA approved clear vinyl pouch Photo/Pouch:

Ensure that your guests are traveling in style with something every jet-setter needs, a TSA-approved vinyl pouch. Sorry Ziploc. Save by buying in bulk like this set on amazon that comes with 6 pouches.

Hand Sanitizer

custom hand sanitizer wedding favors Photo/Sanitizer:

I don’t even think we need to get into why this is necessary, so we’ll just dive into some of our faves. The cutest goes to Touchland, we love their square packaging, and this value set comes with 5! Or, there’s always the custom route which we’ve noticed a lot of couples getting into lately, like this one that we found on Zazzle.

Hydrating Spray Or Face Mask

Evian facial spray for plane Photo/Spray:

Planes are notoriously bad for your skin, and no one needs that right before getting tagged in a ton of wedding photos. Help your loved ones out with a hydrating spray or under-eye patches so they can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and looking their best.

Lip Balm

Pink lip balm Photo:

Skin isn’t the only thing that gets dried out on a flight, so make sure to give their lips a little love with some lip balm. Bonus points if it’s branded to match your wedding like these custom lip balm favors on Etsy.

Passport Holder and Luggage Tags

Custom passport holder and luggage tag Photo/Luggage Tags:

If your wedding is going to involve international travel for most of your guests, it doesn’t get much cuter than a passport holder. If your guests will be traveling domestically, a luggage tag would be just as nice. These pretty ones from Etsy come in a bunch of great colors, so you’re sure to find something that works well with your wedding color palette. They’re also customizable so you can put your guests’ initials on them if you’re feeling extra.

Refillable Water Bottle

colorful water bottles

There’s nothing more annoying than having to spend $10 on a bottle of water at the airport, so save your guests some $$$ and keep them hydrated with a cute refillable water bottle. These ones are customizable, so grab a motif off of your wedding invitations to add a little something special to the design.


colorful travel blankets Photo/Blanket:

Give your guests something to cuddle with on the flight that’s a step up from the airline blankets. Add a special touch by getting it embroidered with your wedding year and the location and it doubles as a souvenir from their vacay.

Amazon Gift Card

amazon gift cards Photo:

This one may be a bit over the top, but we can assure you it will be most appreciated. Add an amazon gift card to the bon voyage kit so that they can rent or download a movie they actually want to watch.

Use all of these ideas or just pick a few of your faves, then imagine the excitement on your guests’ faces when they get their bon voyage kit in the mail.

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