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Anniversary Flowers Are Always a Good Idea

Anniversary Flowers Are Always a Good Idea Photo from:

For anyone who has ever dismissed the idea of flowers for an anniversary gift, take a page out of P!nk and Carey Hart’s books. The couple has been married for 14 years ((remember where you were 14 years ago? Neither do we, it was a looooong time ago!)), and today they commemorated the occasion with twINSTAGRAM posts featuring various throwbacks to their love and growing family over the years. But what we loved even more than the romance retrospectives was the post that followed P!nk’s “Happy Anniversary” content, just an hour later.

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Yes, she got flowers. For her anniversary. It wasn’t lame or lackluster in ANY way, in fact, it was pretty damn adorable. Roses - good. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - good. Soon-to-bloom Tulips, maybe? Precious as well. And the caption is just all of us, too, because how many of you have secretly wanted flowers for years and years and haven’t gotten them ((whether for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a much-anticipated anniversary)). There’s a good chance that it was because your guy or girl thought the gesture was uninspired or kind of dead on arrival, and they need to get over it. Spoiler alert: flowers will always be appreciated. Even if it’s fourteen years later, probably even because it’s fourteen years later. Never too late….

"Alright I’m not gonna lie when I put that post up earlier I wasn’t really even feeling you that much @hartluck but well played, we’re good. I like you again. ❤️😍❤️ #marriage #itsaprocess #finallyflowers😹 #love

Anniversary Flowers Are Always a Good Idea Photo Credit:

We’re in the wedding industry, we love flowers, but we understand why they’re not always a first thought for gifts - when so many other things, presents and experiences, exist RN.

Given that reality, we thought it’d be great to share some fun ways to “take back” the flower experience and make it special again. Anniversaries happen every day and Valentine’s Day isn’t too far off, either, so keep these turn up tips in mind - especially if you’re the one who’ll be gifting.

Wedding bouquet return.

Anniversary Flowers Are Always a Good Idea Photo Credit:

If she loved her wedding bouquet, ask for an arrangement that features similar flowers - recreation for the win!

First try with DIY. 

Not saying you have to display the finesse of a pro floral designer, but doing some amateur arranging yourself is very sweet and there are lots of great places to order supplies and impressive stems from!

Scent matching. 

Anniversary Flowers Are Always a Good Idea Photo Credit:

Maybe she has a favorite floral perfume which you can match olfactory notes of with the real thing! We’re pretty obsessed with this idea!

And if none of the above gives you feels, it’s ALWAYS a sweet gesture to go with a floral arranging class! She’ll love one to go to on her own, but one with you? EVEN BETTER.

P!nk, you’re our inspo always, girl 🙌🙌🙌

instagram post

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