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A Bridal Styled Shoot That Showcases The Beauty of Mykonos


Breathtaking views, tiny old churches, colors of white and blue and beautiful sunlight are just a few of the reasons that make Mykonos the perfect destination for a bridal shoot. This styled shoot highlights both the softness and strongness of femininity while showcases several locations throughout Mykonos that represent different parts of the wedding day.

Keep scrolling to see all of the beautiful photos by Nadin Becker and marrybylen planned every detail and Studio 7 Athens created all of the amazing florals. You can see all the images in the full gallery.


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We focused on the bride during our Mykonos bridal editorial and celebrate the whole wedding day throughout the beautiful island from a female prospective. Mykonos offered breathtaking views, tiny old churches, colors of white and blue and beautiful sunlight for the bridal destination shoot. We worked in a whole female team to underline softness and strongness of femineity and booked a model from Greece to underline the beauty of the country.In terms of flowers and location we worked with local vendors. The beauty of the island and the Greek hospitality made Mykonos the perfect wedding spot.The dress was made by the Berlin designer Malloe. Her inspiration was a modern extrovert bride celebrating her wedding day. By translucent fabrics the dress gains easiness and airiness. The top represents the Bougainvillea plant, which is typical for Greece, the skirt with its pattern is light as the ocean breeze and symbolize waves and water. The short party dress shows a woman celebrating and enjoying her life. The shoot even captures the bride as she dances home after the sunrise in the old little streets of Mykonos town in the morning after a night of partying.



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Our locations were spots throughout the island of Mykonos which represented the wedding day. We accompanied our bride from her getting ready in the fabulous Kouros hotel which is one of the greatest venues on Mykonos. The hotel has just been redesigned and gives a perfect view over Mykonos Town and over the Agean Sea. After the getting ready and capturing the bride along some lovely spots at the Kouros Hotel, our journey went on in the picturesque streets of Mykonos' Old Town, to an ancient church and finally to a dinner table with sunset ocean view back in the hotel.The table setting on the terrace and the innocent flower arrangement made out of single white roses symbolized lightness and the mood of the whole surroundings. Our focus lied on the beautiful sunset light over the ocean. The table setting and flowers merge with this atmosphere and the sunlight reflects its beauty on the dinner table.The whole mood is feminine, light and elegant at the same time.A unique moment which symbolizes Zeitgeist, a symbiosis of modern femininity and tradition, is when the bride was drinking her coffee prior entering the church. The Greek colors of blue and white are interpret modern by the whole setting and show a young modern bride loving the tradition of marriage with the empowered view of new generation.

To show the beauty of Mykonos Island as a wedding destination for couples looking for unique and intimate locations, wedding planer Madlen from marrybylen and the photographer Nadin Becker from cloudberrydays chose locations, vendors and details to underline the mood of sunlight on the island, the colors and the character of architecture and landscape. Their idea was to interpret/ combine modern and traditional ideas in a stylish and elegant feminine wedding at a stunning place.









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