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7 Fabulous Ways To Use Flowers On Your Wedding Day!

7 fabulous ways to use flowers on your wedding day

Flowers are like the icing on the cake of your wedding, but what if you could integrate them even further and make your fabulous wedding day filled to the brim with florals?! That is the dream of Florabundance, they even have a conference every year in Santa Barbara to inspire new and creative ways to use flowers! So you know these next 7 ideas are going to be Flower-tastic! 

Keep scrolling to learn more and don't forget to check out the full gallery for even more gorgeous close up on these floral creations thanks to Taken by Sarah Photography and Winter Creative.

watercolor paper wedding stationery

1. Decorate Your Aisle

Aisle decor is important, it sets the mood for your wedding ceremony and capping the ends of your wedding aisle with these gorgeous oversized vessels that are literally sprouting beautiful blooms will brighten up any ceremony whether it might be in your childhood church chapel or outdoors under a favorite willow tree!

wedding aisle decor for your fall wedding day

2. Let Your Table Dazzle 

Flowers on your wedding tables isn't a revolutionary idea, but picking the right flowers for the season or the mood of the event helps with the whole atmosphere of the day! We are loving these small but powerful little statement arrangements, that aren't to be outdone by one gorgeous cascading centerpiece.

blush rose and fall colors small flower arrangement for your Fall wedding

bright and cheery Fall wedding table decor gold and minimal fall floral decor minimalist beautiful blush place setting blush and dusty rose fall wedding decor

oversized wedding centerpiece for your Fall wedding reception

3. Statement Dress

No these are not real flowers, but man do they make a stunning statement on this blush wedding gown by Weekend Wedding Dress! Hang on while we have a quick day dream about this dress.

For a bride who loves flowers, this custom wedding gown would be an absolute dream and the usual color palette of blush is kicked up a notch with the layers of colors and textures in these floral designs.

floral printed wedding gown by Weekend Wedding Dress

blush floral printed wedding dress of our dreams by Weekend Wedding Dress blush floral wedding dress by Weekend Wedding Dress

4. Bouquet Beauty

And when you have a veritable bouquet printed on your dress adding a bouquet might seem extra, but imagine matching the live 3 demential florals to all those 2-D flowers you are wearing! Wowza! You are going to take everyone's breath away as you float down the aisle

blush and burgundy wedding bouquet for your Fall wedding

5. Don't forget the shoes!

Every wedding dress is completed with the perfect pair of shoes. And if you have been surfing around planning your wedding day, you have likely run into numerous shots of the brides shoes. Some good some not so good, but to make yours pop, why not pop some posies into them for a quick little wedding day shoot?! Too extra? you decide. 

unique floral wedding dress we cannot get enough of from Weekend Wedding Dress floral shoes for your floral wedding dress

flower shoes and floral inserts

6. Deck Out Your Guests

You may want to be the floral masterpiece at your wedding day, but if you want to share the flower love think of adding a corsage station to your reception! Buckets of fresh flowers are always a welcome site and gifting all your loved ones with a fresh nosegay to wear for the evening might just be the best wedding favor you could give!

build your own corsage wedding reception station

wedding corsage for your fall wedding day

7. Sporadic florals everywhere

Whether it is around the open bar, along the buffet or sprinkled among family wedding photos on your wedding welcome table, keep your fresh floral theme blooming through out your whole day with flower absolutely everywhere!

elegant champagne bar with a delicate smattering of fall flowers

small and simple floral decor through out your wedding day wedding florals for your wedding day

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