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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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6 Reasons Why Your New Home Needs A Pet!

6 reasons why your new home needs a pet

Feeling pressure now that you are married to have a family? Adopt a pet! It may not be for everyone but then again having a gaggle of children (or even just one kid) isn't for everyone. If your new house seems like it is one species shy of feeling like a home, consider adopting a cat, a dog, a turtle, a fish... or whatever warms your heart. Taking care of something that can only communicate in wagging tails, purrs or blowing bubbles can be hugely beneficial and plus they are just so cute as babies. 

Speaking of baby animals, this adorable puppy wedding inspiration has us wanting to go to our nearest animal shelter to adopt all the animals. You can see more of this sweet day in the full gallery thanks to the talents of Mychelle LaVan Photography

From Mychelle LaVan Photography: I am such a sucker for puppies! So, I thought why not have them a part of a wedding celebration?! Puppies bring a sense of laughter and joy that is unexplainable. Everyone wants to cuddle with or play with them! They are so easily loved and so easily give love.

I wanted to show fun, laughter, tenderness, playfulness, beauty and love. Weddings represent a new beginning and in the same way so does a puppy! With the proper amount of attention, care and affection the relationship can grow into new depths. Young and in love the future is theirs for the making.

Operation Pet's Alive is a pet rescue that has so many little fur babies that need loving homes! I really wanted to help them share their passion and show some of these babies off that need homes.

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soft pink and blue wedding bouquet wedding puppy

would you have puppies instead of bouquets?

 1. A More Active Lifestyle Just Happens

It just does, you'll be outside tossing the ball for Fido, or annoying your cat by picking her up and doing a silly dance with her to a favorite song but even just these small things will 1) put a smile on your face and lower your stress and 2) Get you moving on a regular basis. 

2. Empathy Isn't Just For Humans

Studies have shown that children that grew up with pets tend to become more nurturing adults... But it's never too late to bone up on your empathy skills. Everyone needs a little love and everyone gets scared even my tougher then nails cat who doesn't take s#!t from anyone. I recently had to fish Oz out of a neighbors tree that she had gotten stuck in; and the helpless look on her face and the way she stuck to me like glue the rest of the evening gave me such a warm and maternal feeling. As independent Oz likes to pretend she is she still needs help and human contact to make it though the day.

bride and groom and cute little puppies

wedding dress by Princess Bridal bride and her puppy groom and his puppy who's cuter this groom in his three piece suit or these adorable puppies

3. A Good Boost Of Self-Esteem Never Hurts

Having a purpose other then going to work and coming home is a great thing. That furry face that greets you as you wake up and fill their food bowl. That goofy smile or the way they trot over to you as you arrive home give you a boost of confidence and builds up your self-esteem knowing they are happy you are home. Plus having these small tasks like feeding your pet, cleaning up after them, walking them or playing with them gives you a sense of being needed. Sure maybe that sounds selfish, but your pet loves you unconditionally and without judgment so go ahead selfishly soak up all their love.

4. Oh The Stories You'll Have

There is a reason cat videos on YouTube are such a hit. Our pets do ridiculous things and we all have stories about that one time... Pets are a great ice breaker so weather you have just moved and are looking for a new group of people to hang out with at the dog park or you need something to talk about with coworkers around the water cooler, just know that cats on rumbas and dog frisbee catching fails are always a hit

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5. Toss Out Your Stress Ball And Curl Up With Your Cat

Okay now that summer is over and we are starting into the season of fuzzy blankets and getting cozy on the couch pets are THE BEST! When they cuddle up next to you and you spend the evening watching Netflix while petting them you cannot help but relax. Research has shown that petting your dog lowers the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. So if today has you feeling jittery or overwhelmed take tonight to spend some quality time with your pet, it'll be go for both of you!

6. Enforcing A Pet Schedule

This is probably the most adult benefit a pet can bring to your home. Yes they are fun, yes they are great fitness partners (at least dogs are) but they also require that you stick to a schedule. And adding that kind of stability into your life, even if it is just remembering to feed them daily or keeping the vet appointment that you maturely scheduled; these little things help build good habits for other avenues in your life.  

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