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3 Things to Borrow from Lady Gaga’s Oscars Everything

3 Things to Borrow from Lady Gaga’s Oscars Everything Photo Credit:

Okay, so, who else tuned into the Oscars last night pretty much solely to see Lady Gaga slay? Because, truthfully, I watched everything, but all I really cared about was watching LG accept an award, kill it onstage with Bradley Coops, and even before any of that, straight up own the red carpet… Guess you could call me shallow… but, oh well.

This woman is SUCH a freakin star, and everything about her Academy Award aura last night was awe-inspiring, not to mention totally wedding worthy in so many ways.

Let us count them…

Her black gown(s) gave us chills.

3 Things to Borrow from Lady Gaga’s Oscars Everything Styled by :

Yes, yes, yes, we’ve already talked about Gaga’s red carpet appearances earlier this season being bride goals AF. From her icy blue Golden Globes gown to her white hot Dior SAG Awards number, these ensems have nuptials written all over them. But last night, she wore black Alexander McQueen on the carpet, and not only did it work phenomenally as a post-break up get up, it also made us realize just how appropriate onyx is for some offbeat, fashion-forward, couture for days darlings. And it wasn’t just one black look, either. Her second look, a duchess satin gown (in black) by Brandon Maxwell, was even more dramatic and bridal. With her platinum blonde updo, she was a true Queen. So, yeah, whoever said that white would work in the world of “I Do” forever, we’d like to introduce you to Lady Gaga. Brides in black will alwaysssss have their partners and guests dying to take another look at them…

3 Things to Borrow from Lady Gaga’s Oscars Everything

Her jewels made a serious statement.

3 Things to Borrow from Lady Gaga’s Oscars Everything The jewels:

In the past, we’ve definitely said that with a stunning gown, you don’t need to go crazy with the finishing touches. Actually, we’ve even said not to go with statement jewelry, because it can take away from the impact of the dress. But Lady Gaga proved last night that you can rock a rad dress AND over-the-top bling at the same time and have them each shine on their own. Now, obvi not every bride has the opportunity to don the priceless canary yellow Tiffany Diamond on their big day, but that’s okay. If you’ll be showing off your décolletage in a strapless or sweetheart neck gown, and don’t have too much going on with embellishments on the dress already, then you can absolutely opt for a megawatt necklace or TDF drop earrings. Your photos will look out of control.

Her acceptance speech read like vows.

3 Things to Borrow from Lady Gaga’s Oscars Everything Styled by :

I could honestly watch her win the Best OG song statue over and over and over again. Because her reaction, her appreciation, her utter shock, surprise, and delight were just so genuine. Then pair that with her epic acceptance speech, and you have incredible inspiration for original wedding vows. The part where she thanked Bradley for believing in her and their story together. Where she mentioned “there is not a single person on the planet that could’ve sang this song with me but you.” How much do these words strike a chord as wedding vow gold? Just replace ‘not a single person on this planet that could’ve sang this song with me’ with ‘not a single person on this planet who I could go through this life with but you.’ Of course, all the BEYOND powerful stuff she said about never giving up, continuing to fight for what you’re passionate about, and never letting the world dictate your worth, though it’s not particularly wedding related, we can still see it working for any bride or groom who might have gone through hardship in their life and wants to say just how special, and brave, and beautiful they feel with their new husband or wife.

Oh, and if you’re a tatted-up bride, too, her pre-Oscars “La Vie En Rose’ spinal art is a great #somethingborrowed. Just sayin’…

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