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5 Reasons Buying Your Wedding Dress Online Makes Perfect Sense

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We’ve written lots of posts in the past about why shopping for a wedding gown (or bridesmaid dress) online is a good decision, but today we thought we’d get even more real — because this is a huge purchase and you should feel 100 percent sold on the experience. We caught up with our friends at online wedding retailer, Avery Austin, and put together our most relatable (as in ‘if this isn’t me, I don’t know what else is’) list of reasons why shopping for your dress at a dot-com is the actual best idea ever. Yes, being able to click ‘add to cart’ while dress shopping in your PJs is fun, for sure, but we’re going way beyond that simple convenience…

Reason #1:
You can shop the way you want to

Lace and Tulle Mermaid Wedding Gown

Getting engaged is an amazing thing, and so is the start of your wedding planning process. But not every bride is here for the extra attention and over-involvement of their fam and friends — especially when it comes to dress shopping. If you’re not exactly feeling the group-gather shopping scenario that requires making sure you plan the experience for a time that works “for everyone,” then don’t do it! With online wedding dress shopping, you don’t have to spend an entire Saturday out with the crew. With an experience like the one at Avery Austin, you can go online, browse around their hundreds of styles of dresses, and do it when it works for you. Hey! You can even wake up from a dream (where you’ve worn a dress that is true ) at 3:42AM and jump on the computer, look for something that indulges all the style cues from your slumbers, and place an order to try it on… More on that later.

Reason #2:
You can get amazing bridal styling without leaving your home

Embroidered lace and Tulle Dress

There’s no reason to miss out on help from a bridal fashion expert just because you’re shopping online. In fact, the bridal styling help you get during your online shopping experience is even more personalized and catered to your preferences. This is major, because as much as we’d like to say that every bridal boutique or salon gives you carte blanche to come in and find the dresses and gowns that speak to you, that’s not always the case. You might come in with a particular style or silhouette of dress in mind, and then just get swept into the fanfare of a fashion show that starts and ends with options that might not appeal to your tastes (but be hot sellers for the shop or inventory that they’re really trying to push, etc.). When you shop online with a bridal specialist from Avery Austin, they work one-on-one with you, carefully listening to what you’re looking for and helping you find your YES dress. You can tune out what everyone else (salon experts, mom, grandma, sister, cousin, in-law) thinks would look best on you while using an Avery Austin stylist’s help to narrow your search to the popular styles and features that you’ve had your eyes on (be it long sleeves, low backs, long trains, etc.).

Reason #3:
You can still try on wedding dresses, but at home

Satin mermaid dress with bow

Just because you’re buying your wedding dress online doesn’t mean you have to go through the hassle of a bunch of purchases and returns trying to find just the right size, fit, and style. With how expensive bridal gowns are, that would be an absolute nightmare! Luckily, Avery Austin offers the Try at Home Program, which lets you try wedding dresses at home for only $15 a dress! Since you’ve already been working closely with your expert bridal specialist (see Reason #2 above), they can easily help you build your try at home sample box with your top three favorite gowns. The best part is…the money you spend on the sample box can be credited to the purchase of your dream dress, so it’s entirely risk (and fee) free!

Reason #4:
You call the shots

Mermaid Wedding Dress

You’ve heard it before, right? That for your wedding day, you get to make the decisions, you call the shots, you make the plays, you pick the things that’ll make you the happiest. It’s a beautiful sentiment, but there will always be tensions and stressors that try to get in your way (because inevitably someone will say something that makes you cringe or rethink your decision). And it sucks, it does, but shopping online for your wedding gown makes it easy to keep confidently calling the shots without the interference of well-meaning people who bring on the doubts. Avery Austin makes it so that you can shop online and go straight to the curations of wedding dresses within your budget (like Wedding Dresses Under $1000), size (like Plus-Size Bridal Dresses), or even theme (like Beach Wedding Dresses)! While scrolling through your chosen collection, there’s no worry about anyone looking over your shoulder, recommending something else, or encouraging a style that might be well out of your price range.

Reason #5:
Online dresses from reputable companies offer high-quality designs


Don't let online shopping nightmares scare you off–we get it, we've had the short end of the stick when it comes to purchasing something online and then it arrives and it's not at all what you expected. The key is to find a reputable online wedding dress shop that has consistently offered great service and gorgeous designs at reasonable prices. That’s one of the things we love about Avery Austin: You can find some of the highest quality gowns that you can buy online at the best price (no extra salon fees!). Not to mention, they've been in business for over 30 years, which says A LOT about an online retailer. With that wealth of experience in working with thousands of brides over three decades, Avery Austin has found that the best way to provide top-notch service to brides is through transparency.

They are clear and upfront in all of their interactions, pricing, distinctive designs, and top-quality materials. For example, did you know that they won’t charge you extra simply because you need a plus-size bridal gown? The inclusive sizing they offer means all sizes for a style are priced exactly the same. When you’re shopping online, knowing just what you’re going to get from a company’s service and products is both a relief and a confidence booster! Intrigued by Avery Austin yet? We hope so! Just check out their core values below and see how they keep YOU and transparency at the top of their business priorities:

Check out Avery Austin Official Instagram

For real brides and more wedding dress inspiration take a peak at Avery Austin Official Instagram here.

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Core values at the forefront of every Avery Austin decision -"we know brides ever-where deserve."

  • Amazing quality service when working directly with a real Avery Austin bridal stylist.

  • Premium, salon-quality gowns without a huge price tag–the brand prides itself on being a destination for stunning, exceptionally-made gowns, with priority given to fabric, feel and fit, available at a fraction of the price charged by traditional bridal shops.

  • Freedom and flexibility to find a dream dress/dream dresses from the comfort of your own home: With their exclusive Try at Home Program, you can try on 3 dresses—delivered straight to your door—for a small fee ($15 per dress). And if you choose a dress to purchase, that fee is applied as a credit to your order.

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Customer Reviews

● The try at home is what sold me on testing them out because I did not have good experiences at local bridal boutiques. The quality of these dresses is amazing, they were stunning! I had so much fun trying on dresses with 2 of my friends and it was great to see my nephew get so excited too. I found the dress I wanted, it’s a killer price, and without the hassle of pushy salespeople!

● I actually bought my dress without trying it one first because it was on sale and I have no regrets. I followed their sizing guide and it fit perfectly. The dress was absolutely gorgeous and high quality. I felt like a princess and got so many compliments. 100% recommend this shop.

● I just returned my home try on box for 3 bridal dresses and highly recommend this company! My package arrived 5 days early and I was planning on it arriving later so that family from out of town could help me try on my dresses, Avery Austin was great and allowed me a free extension of time with the dresses. The quality of the dresses themselves was great and they sent a cute little bag with clips to help with fit. They also included measuring tape, a chart on how to measure, and a cute sign for if you say YES to the dress. I will most likely be ordering my dress from them, just having trouble deciding which one because I really loved two of the three that I tried! I’m honestly blown away as I will be spending about $650 on my dress and got a full week to try on the dresses as many times as I wanted, when I was about to spend $1500 for a dress at a traditional bridal salon.

● Both the customer service and dresses themselves are amazing! I placed a “try on athome” order and had the dresses in hand less than 2 days later. They’re absolutely beautiful and great quality. I’m sure I’ll end up choosing one as my dress.

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Avery Austin Wedding Dress Photography:

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