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100 Wedding Cakes that WOW

Before we jump into our 100 wedding cakes that WOW we have to share this personalized gold and pink wedding cake from Smore Sweets. Do you love. The backdrop is pretty great as well. We can personally say this is one of our favorite wedding cakes.  Captured by We Heart Photography.
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100 Wedding Cakes that WOW
Before we jump into our 100 wedding cakes that WOW we have to share this personalized gold and pink wedding cake from Smore Sweets. Do you love. The backdrop is pretty great as well. We can personally say this is one of our favorite wedding cakes.  Captured by We Heart Photography.
1. Let's get started with sprinkles! Who doesn't love sprinkles!? Captured by Rustic White Photography.
2. Gold dots and edible florals. These four tiers created by Bobbette & Belle and captured by Scarlet O'Neil create one top notch treat.
3. First, we love that the tiers are different heights...and second we love all the gold detail by Sky's The Limit Cake and captured by Jordan Maunder Photography.
4. This cake from this Laid Back Irish Wedding is so amazing because it is a "naked cake" but still topped with so many fresh goodies and florals.
5. Ballerina meets wedding dessert. So soft and romantic we can't even help but sigh. And done so beautifully by Bobbette & Belle.
6. Polished and pretty, just like this Summery Chic Wedding Day. This lovely, neutral cake was done by Roxanne Floquet.
7. Blueberry topped with mouth watering frosting! See the entire Rustic Chic Wedding Day here!
8. Less is more with this towering simple white cake by Cake-ology from this 1920's Inspired Day.
9. Poppies and succulents add pops of color to this smooth surfaced, tiered cake captured by Brooke Allison.
10. This sherbet chevron cake is as impressive as it is gorgeous! See more of this Beaver Stadium Wedding captured by Sweet Little Photographs.
11. Peonies and raffia really do make the perfect pair for this coral, floral topped cake. See more of these amazing Waterside Elopement details here captured by Debra Eby Photography.
12. Like...WOW! If you are going to combine florals, stripes, and a chunk of gold on a wedding cake...this is the way to do it! Captured by Melissa Biador Photography.
13. Now this is geometric love! And a topper to blend in but still add extra detail. See all of these geometric details here that you are sure to love, all captured by Lauren Fair Photography.
14. Let's go south to this San Antonio Wedding Day full of ideas like this magnificently textured and succulent topped cake by Betty Jane Cakes, captured by Mint Photography.
15. When you think wedding cake you usually don't think of shades of green but this pretty one from this Pink and Green Wedding sure fits the bill! Captured by Jeremy Harwell.
16. This whimsical cake is straight out of a fairytale movie! See all the colorful wedding details you can handle here captured by Laura Jane Photography.
17. We have to agree with Pinterest on this is definitely going in our wedding inspiration to keep. See more of this Romantic Mint and Pink wedding here captured by Lovisa Photography.
18. Believe us when we say we are utterly obsessed with this next cake. Take a look at the rest of these flooring details filled with pink, black, and white details here. For cake details contact Nine Cakes, captured by Charlie Juliet.
19. The most darling nod to your vows or favorite bible verse about marriage is to show them off on your cake like this Nashville Wedding Day captured by I Love You Too Photography with amazing cake design by Creative Crumbs!
20. "Best Day Ever" is basically an understatement on your wedding day! This shows you don't have to have a giant cake to make a statement, just pair with an adorable topper and you have us drooling! See more of these Something Blue Wedding Ideas captured by Eliza J Photography with cake by The Cupcake Store.
21. Sweet and Swanky Cakes is the way to go and we love that the bottom tier of this cake is a faux crate!
22. This barely naked cake has our names written all over it because we love a darling naked cake but can't dream of skimping out on all the frosting. There is more to love here in this Southern Wedding captured by Crystal Stokes and cake by Sky's The Limit.
23. We have another gorgeous naked cake for you but this time paired with ample strawberries! Our favorite fruit... yours too? Then take a look here at this Barn Wedding Day captured by John Shim with cake by Mandy Baker.
24. Where pastels meet elegant frosting design and we think it looks absolutely delicious. Don't miss this Brunch Wedding Event captured by Charlie Juliet with cake by Sugar Flower Bake Shop.
25. A touch of whimsy and thick layers of frosting are just a few reasons we love this naked cake. Topped with an unexpected mix of florals and we officially can't deny our love for this cake. See more Organic Fall Ideas here captured by Desiree Shuey with cake by Sugar Momma.
26. Well isn't this just a polka dot lovers dream? See more of this Whimsical Greenville Wedding here captured by Mel Nocks Photography with cake by Buttercream Bakehouse.
27. With this textured white frosting, and leafy greens, this cake is literally perfection! You are probably wanting to see more of this Texas Ranch Wedding captured by Katherine O'Brien with cake done fabulously by Blue Note Bakery.
28. Wow, this cake has all the bells and whistles. How lovely is it? See more of this Warm and Tender Arizona Wedding here captured by Rachel Solomon with cake by Honey Moon Sweets.
29. A little pale pink detail to send us over the moon! See more of these Valentine's Day Ideas here captured by Vitalic Photo with cake by Maria V Creative.
30. Two sparkly bears smoochin'...just what an eclectic cake like this calls for! See more of this Science Inspired Wedding here captured by Max & Friends with cake by Jamaica's Cakes.
31. We aren't math wizards...but we do know we love this geometric take on wedding cake. With fun hues, gold, and modern geo accents check out this Tropical Wedding captured by Blush Wedding Photography with cake by Kien and Sweet.
32. This cake brings a whole new meaning to ruffles, and in a pretty fashion! Check out these Ombre Wedding Ideas captured by Kelly Hornberger with cake by Classic Cakes by Lori.
33. It's never a bad idea to have an abundance of florals surrounding your cake like this! See more of this Greenville Country Club Wedding captured by Readyluck with cake by Michelle Mitchell of Hotel Dupont.
34. What's a cake without an equally amazing topper? You can find this amazing one and a lot of similar designs by Better Off Wed Rustics here.
35. Do you crave a cake that makes such a statement your guests will never, ever forget it? Then this cake is for you! Captured by Sandra Marusic Photography.
36. Maybe you want to keep the cake itself simple, but really wow with accents. These pink florals make our heart flutter! See more of this Texas Warehouse Wedding captured by Loft Photographie with cake by The Cake Plate.
37. Don't be shy! We know you love this textured ombre cake in all its simplicity! There are tons of Lavender Wedding Ideas here captured by Kristyn Hogan with cake by Patty Cakes.
38. Take it to the seas with this awesome nautical cake. Complete with anchor accents and rope fondant we can't get enough. See more of this Nautical Wedding here captured by Christina Szczupak Photography with cake by Sweet Lisa's.
39. If you are searching for the perfect elegant cake that speaks endless romance to your day look no further. This Oregon Winery Wedding has even more to see captured by Olivia Leigh Photography with cake by Sugar Rush Bakery.
40. Get both mint and sparkly in your day by having a modern cake like this to enjoy! See all the urban and geometric details you can dream of here captured by Scott Michael Photo and with cake by Sweet and Saucy.
41. Do you dream of a simple cake but still can't help yourself from some sparkly gold? This cake by Sweet on Cake is just what you are looking for then! Captured by Allyson Wiley Photography.
42. Are you tickled pink by this simple white and pink cake? See even more of this Coral and Mint Wedding that is totally adorable captured by Amanda Jameson with cake by Fancy Cakes By Lauren.
43. Get edgy while staying soft on your color scheme with this gorgeous cake from Erica O'Brien Cake Design.
44. Go naked with this flawless design that includes cascading florals from Made With Scratch.
45. Pair your dessert with polka dots! A favorite of ours! Seriously darling cake design by Faye Cahill.
46. Nothing melts our hearts more than a perfectly executed pink ombre wedding cake with gold heart to top! See more pink cake ideas here! This cake was captured by Gabriel Ryan Photographers and the cake was done by Sweet and Saucy who is the best!
47. Pale has never been so pretty. These English Wedding details are as good as gold captured by Ross Dean with cake by Amelia's Kitchen.
48. This textured frosting looks as delectable as it does pleasing to the eye. Have a few leafy florals to top and we easily have fallen for this cake! See more Indie Wedding Ideas here captured by Lara Hotz Photography.
49. This mint beauty is covered in edible anemones, one of our favorite florals! See more of this black and mint wedding here captured by Ed Osborn Photography with cake by The Cake Parlour.
50. This white cake is complete with oversized ruffles and a dahlia to top. We adore! And to see more of this Al Fresco Wedding captured by Elle Jae with cake by Sweet On Cake, go here.
51. The classic elegance of a glamorous wedding all bundled up into a scrumptious cake! See more of these elegant beach wedding ideas here captured by Sarah Sotro.
52. Talk about sprinkle love! If you are over the moon about sprinkles, isn't this perfect for you! See more of this Colorful Santa Barbara Wedding here captured by Kaysha Weiner.
53. We love ombre frosting but we also love how the actual cake is multiple shades of purple!! See more of these adorable lavender party ideas here captured by Amy L.B. Photography.
54. These edible florals look so yummy and we love the added bling with the sparkly bands. See all there is to love from these dessert table ideas here captured by Angelworx Photography with cake by Sweet Sugarboy Ed.
55. Another mint favorite of ours but this time just a mini cake because sometimes less is more! See these Peach and Emerald Wedding Ideas here captured by Hudson Nichols Photography with cake by Ciao Bella Cakes.
56. This pastel cake looks most delicious of all. This textured buttercream caught our eye as well as the rest of this Handmade Details Wedding captured by LM Weddings with cake by Happy Goblin Cakes.
57. This sparkly topped masterpiece is not only glamorous but looks like it tastes like a little slice of heaven. See these Glamorous Wedding Cakes here captured by Brittany Mahood with cake by Jenna Rae Cakes.
58. Dreaming of something crisp and white. This is just perfection! And the peaches are perfect for a natural touch. See these Kentucky Derby Wedding Ideas here captured by Landon Jacob with cake by Ally & Eloise Photography.
59. Ikat and all, we love the peachy hue paired with gold and the unexpected design. Again from the lovely Sweet & Saucy Shop.
60. These cascading petals have stolen our heart and would most likely our taste buds if the opportunity presented itself... See more of these Sugar High Wedding details here captured by C Starr Photography with cake by Playful Cupcaketions.
61. Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off of the floor. If you go simple and still want to make a statement this is your cake! See more of these Bowties and Bourbon Wedding Ideas here captured by Lora Grady Photography with cake by Baked.
62. When a cake is so perfect all alone that all you need to do is stop it with a "Best Day Ever" topper and call it a night! See more of this Elegant Garden Wedding here captured by Troy Grover Photography with cake by Skiff's Cakes.
63. This cake just makes us happy! Berries, flowers, and extra powdered sugar... we love it! See how this couple created an amazing wedding for 5K here captured by Christie Graham Photography.
64. When ombre goes blue with cute couple look-a-like topper you can't go wrong! See more of this Amazing Hawaiian Wedding here captured by The Goodness with cake by Paradise Pastries.
65. Are you captivated by those delicate, edible florals like us? See more of these Pastel Wedding Ideas here captured by City Love Photography with cake by Toni Patisserie.
66. Ooh this back cake is regal, elegant, and unique! See more here captured by Kristen Curette with cake by Dream Slice Cake.
67. Love is definitely in the air with this colorful cake! We are truly amazed with how artful cakes can be! See more of these Hot Air Balloon Ideas here captured by Hello Gorgeous Photography with cake by Liger's Bakery.
68. This yellow beauty is stacked up and done so pretty with daisies, roses, and greenery. See more where this came from here, captured by Jeanne-Pierre Uys.
69. How gorgeous are these opaque peachy hues with the pop of gold center. See these amazing Watercolor Wedding Ideas here captured by Tiffany Egbert with cake by Sweet Maison.
70. Lighting dusted with frosting and powdered sugar! Yum! See more of this Classic Book Lovers wedding here captured by Jono and Laynie with cake by Sweet Avenue Cakery.
71. Are you as twitterpated as us over this incredible cake? With all the perfect pastel hues see more of these Modern Meets Organic Spring Wedding Ideas here captured by Tuan H. Bui with cake by Elysia Root Cakes.
72. Come one, come all Game of Thrones fans. What a fun way to take a serious cake and make it a playful moment! See more of this Rose Garden Wedding here captured by This Girl Nicole Photography with cake by King's Hawaiian.
73. Hints of ombre and a single succulent to garnish. The simplicity is breathtaking and equally delicious! See more of this Bare Feet Boho Wedding here captured by Day 7 Photography.
74. The greenery gets us every time, nothing gives an outdoorsy or boho vibe quite like added greens! See more of this Flamingo Gardens Wedding here captured by Becca Borge  with cake by Delliquez Custom Cakes.
75. Holy ruffles! The good thing about ruffles is they are extremely cute and its that much more frosting to indulge in! See more of these steal worthy Vintage Reception Ideas here captured by Sunny 16 Photos with cake by Walton's Fancy and Staple.
76. When you can't decide what color for your cake because there are so many gorgeous hues, do more than one, like this gorgeous four tiered cake! See more of these Earthly Garden Ideas here captured by Merari Photography with cake by Earth and Sugar.
77. Okay, we love this bedazzled in bronze cake! Don't you too? See all of this Bright Bronze Wedding here captured by Rachel Petes with cake by City View Bake Shop.
78. Another naked favorite of ours. Doesn't this look so so yummy!? Your guests would love this sweet treat, we are sure. See  more of these Lavender Wedding Ideas here captured by Happy Confetti Photography with cake by Big Sugar Bakeshop.
79. Go bold or go home! These dots and stripes are on our radar and we don't mind at all! See more of this bold cake here captured by Mark Davidson Photography.
80. Who doesn't love a super cute chalkboard inspired cake! We do, and if you do too, you should definitely check out these Give The Groom A Real Cake Ideas here captured by Hazelwood Photo with cake by Artisan Cake Company.
81. These bright florals are the perfect bright accent to this Aspen inspired cake. See more of this Modern Vegas Wedding here captured by Gideon Photography with cake by Las Vegas Custom Cakes.
82. These skinny stripes are so pretty and paired perfectly with peach. This cake wows just as must as these Hickory Street Annex Wedding captured by Nine Photography with cake by Sugar Bee Sweets.
83. This cake is as good as gold! Not only delicious but bright and beautiful! See more of these Amazing Aztec Ideas captured by Mark Brooke Photography with cake by Sweet and Saucy.
84. Can you imagine? Sweets and veggies wouldn't make for a tasty treat but it makes for a stunning aesthetic! Just don't forget to pluck those off before you dive in! See more of this Fantastic Farm Wedding here captured by Laurelyn Savannah Photography with cake by Bloom Bake Shop.
85. Wanting to keep your reception decor simple and really wow with your cake? This is how you can do it! See more of this Chanel Meets Brooklyn shoot here captured by Jenny Futography with cake by Lael Cakes.
86. Mint with a twist. This smaller cake is perfect for your intimate wedding. Captured by Birds of a Feather Photography.
87. These aren't just cascading white florals they are edible cascading white florals! Score, right!? See more amazing wedding inspiration here captured by Michelle Boyd with cake by Michelle's Patisserie.
88. A little sequins never hurt nobody! See more of these Rustic Orchid Wedding Ideas here with cake by Dolce Designs.
89. This cake is pretty angelic and we obviously love it like the previous cake because of its sparkly bands at the base of each tier. See more of this Glamorous Vow Renewal here captured by Romancing The Stone with cake by Sweet Dreams Bakery.
90. Seriously, this hand painted beauty is just adorable! Who wouldn't want this at their shower or wedding!? See more of this Indoor Garden Party Bridal Shower here captured by Mango Studios with cake by Nadia and Co.
91. Sometimes you just need to insert some high fashion into every aspect of your life! Learn how to Audrey Up Your Wedding here captured by lilelements with cake by Studio Cake.
92. It is ok to celebrate our nation's independence and your vows in the same occasion! The 4th of July is a popular wedding weekend and you just might be needing Independence Day Inspiration worthy of a wedding like this, captured by Jenna Bechthot with cake by Hers Bakery.
93. If you are taking your wedding oceanside this is literally so perfect for you! See more of these Perfect Beach Wedding Ideas here captured by The Photography Stylistas with cake by Amy Beck Cake Design.
94. This pretty pink textured ombre look is so gorg. Find out this crazy story and how this groom planned a wedding in surprise for his soon-to-be wife here captured by Ryder Evans Photography with cake by Ideas in Icing.
95. White on white done right! See more of these rustic and beautiful Blue and Lavender Wedding Ideas here captured by 1486 Photography with cake by Crumb and Berry.
96. Don't be fooled! When bundt cake is done this amazingly, it is definitely a great wedding cake option. Those thick layers of frosting are calling our name! See more of this Incredible Wedding Signage Wedding here captured by Caroline Rentzel with cake by Nothing Bundt Cakes.
97. This cake is for the risk takers who aren't afraid to take their wedding details to the next level! See more of these Shakespeare Inspired Wedding Ideas here captured by Alyssa Marie Photography with cake by Rosebud Floral.
98. This shiny and gorgeous rose gold wedding cake came straight from the most darling wedding inspiration in Austria, captured by Peaches & Mint Photography with cake by Cake Away.
99. Good thing we are bonkers for berries! This cake is one of our favorites and you can see more where it came from here captured by Dana Grant Photography with cake by Sweet Marie's Bakery.
100. Last but not least we have this grand, textured cake that is large enough to serve everyone under the sun! See more of Country Cake Shop's work here.
This101. We lied we are going to keep going. This elaborate cake  from Carousel Weddings & Events sits perfectly on a base of pink and white ranunculus blooms. Gorgeous... right?