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15 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

You are such a kind bride wanting to learn a few tips and tricks to ensure your bridesmaids feel special! Read on and Happy Wedding day!
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15 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special
You are such a kind bride wanting to learn a few tips and tricks to ensure your bridesmaids feel special! Read on and Happy Wedding day!
1. Ask them to be in your wedding party in a special way. You don't have to spend a lot of money but a sweet gesture that required thought will truly show how special it is to you for them to stand by your side - and they will gush about how much they loved the way you popped the question! Photographed by Erich McVey. See more amazing bridesmaids looks here.
2. Connect bridesmaids who don’t know each other before the wedding festivities begin. Then they can get to know each other and be a team leading up to your big day. A strong connection between your gals will make your day that much more special! See more of this romantic beach wedding captured by Elizabeth Messina here.
3. Periodically gush over wedding details with them during the planning process. They will love to hear about the vision you have for your day and the selections you make along the way. After all...that is what your bridesmaids are for! If they don't know much about the wedding they might feel in the dark or left out and that is no bueno! See more of these drop dead gorgeous bridesmaids dresses here.
4. Planning an out-of-town or far away destination wedding? Help your maids get there. Traveling costs are daunting and can add up so help relieve the stress for your girls by helping out with some aspect of the travel cost. For example provide a room for them to stay in or gift each bridesmaid a Visa gift card to help out with their flight. See more of this bohemian beach wedding captured by Arina B. Photography here.
5. Let them mix and match dresses. Not one bridesmaid is the same and neither is their budget or body shape. Give your bridesmaids a swatch of the color(s) you are wanting and let them have the freedom to choose style and price range. This is a win, win as your bridesmaids will be comfortable in their selection and will likely have invested in a dress they will wear again for other occasions. See more of this picnic style wedding captured by Jen Rodriguez here.
6. Spend a day in the shoes you are selecting for your bridesmaids to wear. If you don't feel comfortable in them for an extended period of time... do you really want them to have to smile and grin the blisters and aches throughout your big day? They will love you for choosing comfort over style! See more of this whimsical Toronto wedding captured by Erin Leydon Photography here.
7. Give them a detailed schedule of the wedding weekend before hand including what aspects are mandatory and which are not. They will appreciate you communicating with them so they are able to make proper arrangements for themselves, and their children, etc.. See more of this vintage wedding captured by Matthew Morgan Photography here.
8. Gift your girls something personalized. It is so much more meaningful than gifting them identical things. This way they really cherish the thought that was put into it. If you need ideas check out our shop- we have customizable hankies, totes, tanks, and more waiting for you here. See more of these peach wedding ideas captured by Anneli Marinovich Photography here.
9. Take a few moments at your rehearsal dinner to introduce all your bridesmaids. It is likely that neither your family or husband's family members are familiar with each of your bridesmaids so it is the perfect time to share how you met with the people in your life. It also gives you one more opportunity to thank each bridesmaid individually for being there. See more of this southwest inspired wedding captured by Vis Photography here.
10. Have some pampering girl time. Whether it's a day at the spa or some time set aside for you girls to do self manis and pedis, that bonding and prep time is so fun and you will all feel in sync when it comes to the wedding day. You don't have to spend a fortune on spa time... just break out the polishes, make some home made teeth whitener, and get the tanning lotion going together the night before for girls night. See more of this Oahu wedding captured by Brooke Dombroski here.
11. Give them small day-of tasks. They will feel appreciated if they can help you check off your to do list rather than just showing up and looking pretty. If they are able to contribute to your big day they will feel even more included! See more of the Little Twist Dresses captured by Erich McVey here.
12. Feed them throughout the day of the wedding! Seems like a no brainer, right? But having snacks and drinks throughout the day is an absolute must! They are spending the day with you, so the least you can do is nourish them starting with coffee and breakfast all the way to your wedding dinner. See more of these cute hair accessories here.
13. Take fun pictures with your girls. It is obvious that you will have prepped and focused on portraits you plan to do with your groom but put yourself in your bridesmaids shoes. Their favorite images from the day will be the goofy, silly poses you take together - so make a plan and do some exciting shots with them too! See more of this Hudson Valley wedding captured by Ilene Squires here.
14. Let them sit with their families or significant other at the reception. Head tables are a little awkward and you'll be so focused on your brand spankin' new hubby that it's only fair to let them sit with the people they really want to be with. Bridesmaids with husbands and kids have been away from them all day and you'll be next to your honey happy as can be. See more of this bohemian wedding captured by Braedon Photography here.
15. Thank each of your bridesmaids individually with a hug before your wedding reception exit. It is likely that you'll be jetting off on a honeymoon and be unplugged on vacation with your now husband for a while. Make sure you show some love to each of them before the night is over. See more of this glamorous barn wedding captured by Debra Eby here.