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How to submit your wedding, diy project, inspirational shoot, engagement shoot, elopement or anything wedding related to Wedding Chicks. Well first step is … to find out if anyone has submitted this feature to another high profile blog already? If the answer is yes, please wait to hear back before submitting it to us.

We will let you know within 5 business days if your feature is a fit, and the next step in the submission process.

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Please only submit one event at a time for consideration

We are looking to see around 30 images at first. If we need to see more, we will shoot you a quick email asking for more. Below are few images we are looking to see. We kindly ask you do not send every single image of the day. We also ask that you send your images free of branding so we can see the wedding clearly. Your submission will not go through if you do not add images or link of your online gallery.

What we look for in a submission

  1. a vertical of the bride & groom
  2. a vertical of the cake
  3. a vertical of the bouquet
  1. a vertical of the boutonniere
  2. bridesmaids
  3. groomsmen
  1. escort cards
  2. centerpieces
  3. stationery
  1. dessert table
  2. banners and signs
  3. favors

Add 25-35 images for your gallery. (optional)


    Or provide us a link of your online gallery from you Dropbox, Pass, Pixieset, Zenfolio. Whatever image sharing system you would like to use is fine with us.
    Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, at this point in time we are unable to accept drop box invitations. We only accept direct drop-box links.

    Important! This submission has not been submitted to or published by any other wedding blog. It will not be submitted to any other wedding blogs until and unless this submission has been declined by The Wedding Chicks. I have informed all parties that have access to this feature that I am submitting.
    • I have the right to submit this wedding and will inform the other vendors involved that their work is being featured.
    • If a video or wedding film is included, by checking the box I have confirmed that the videographer has licensed the music associated with the film.
    • I understand that once I submit my work for a feature, if accepted, it will not be removed under any circumstance and that The Wedding Chicks have creative freedom to lay out my images in the way they feel is the best representation of my images.
    • Double check all spelling and links. Once submitted, there will be no changes to credits