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Top DIY Bridal Hairstyles by Abra McField

Top DIY Bridal Hairstyles by Abra McField

If ever there was a day a woman wants to look her most beautiful, it’s her wedding day. And thanks to professionally done makeup and hair it often is. But 2020 brides first had to contend with no weddings happening at all, reduced attendance and in many locations, hair salons still closed for business. For brides that can’t have their normal stylist do their wedding do, there are still options to create a DIY salon look. For women of color working with natural hair to create a wedding style comes down to picking a style that naturally works with the hair, learning a few tips and using products formulated for their special hair needs.

The most important things brides who plan to do their own hair on the big day need to do is to start planning early. The key is to select a style that looks elegant, classic and fancy, but isn’t as hard to create as it looks. Once a bride settles on a look, the key to success is practice, practice, practice. Whoever is going to do the bride’s hair on the wedding day, the bride or a friend or family member, needs to have the look down pat.

“We are living in unprecedented times and brides are having to get creative,” CEO and founder of Abra Kadabra Hair Care and Healing Abra McField said. “Being a woman of color myself, I know that up-do’s and styling can be a challenge. My hope is that the below styles will help women all over the country nail their bridal look.”

Classic Updo

Top DIY Bridal Hairstyles by Abra McField

For brides wanting a timeless style that won’t have them wondering what they were thinking when they look at their wedding photos 20 years later, the classic updo can’t be beat. An updo highlights a beautiful neck and a gown’s neckline and back details. To achieve the look, apply curl cream, add a side part, comb hair, create a two-strand twist on the side and tie with an elastic. Repeat on the other side. Gather both side twists into a ponytail. Split the ponytail and do another two-strand twist. Twist in a circle and secure with pins. Use a bit of edge control emulsified in your hands before applying to hair to keep it smooth. Voila, an elegant, easy do for the big day.

Long Locks

Top DIY Bridal Hairstyles by Abra McField

Many brides want to add length and fullness to their hair for their wedding day. While sew-in extensions are best, for brides forced to DIY, clip-in extensions can help them achieve the same look. The key to natural looking extensions is to choose extensions with similar texture to your own hair. Simply add the extensions and then create a classic deep curl with a side pin for picture perfect locks that no one will be able to tell aren’t your own. Be careful when removing the extensions as the roots of your own hair can get a bit kinky causing tangles. Whatever you do, don’t sleep in clip-in extensions as it will put unhealthy tension on your own hair. 

Wave Magic

Top DIY Bridal Hairstyles by Abra McField

A magic wand curling iron is a DIY bride’s best friend. This tool will let you create loads of sexy, cascading loose waves. Start with straight, dry hair and spray it with a dry texture spray and heat protectant. Next, pre-straighten your hair so that when you add the curls, they will be tamed and sleek. Use light oil and hair spray especially if your hair is course.

Curl the hair either clockwise or counter-clockwise. When you release the hair, hold the curl in your hand for five seconds to let it set and cool. When all the curls are done, rub a little shine serum in your hands and run it through your hair. Use a wide-took comb to brush through the waves. Make sure to use plenty of hair spray to ensure the waves hold throughout the long day. 

Messy Updo

Top DIY Bridal Hairstyles by Abra McField

For a more casual, fluid take on the classic updo, this is perfect for brides whose wedding style is rustic, causal, boho or modern. Smooth hair into a high ponytail and then add some pins to secure the ends. Pull out some face-framing hairs. A styling gel can help to keep hair smooth throughout the day. 

No matter what style a bride chooses, with a bit of practice and patience, it is possible to create salon styled looks without your favorite stylist.

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