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Three Tips For Perfect Wedding Day Brows With The Blady Lady

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Brows ... WAIT WHAT?! This might not be on the top of your checklist or your wedding planners “to dos”, but trust me, brows are more essential than the something borrowed. Have you ever seen that meme floating around online that says “eyebrows are 90% of your selfie”? This is facts people. So whether you hired an amazing makeup artist for the special day or you're doing your makeup all by your fabulous self, then I’m here to prepare you for the task.



If you’re reading this in time, my first tip would be to visit your brow lady immediately. If you don’t have a brow lady, find A GOOD ONE. This lady could make or break your whole life so don’t be skimpy on who you choose to go to. She will help you find your shape and perfect arch for your facial structure and what best suites you symmetrically. Seeing a brow specialist frequently will help you keep your brow game strong through the honeymoon. Not only is it helpful and one less thing for your at home beauty regimen, but keeps you from over plucking. And let's face it, we’re all still healing from that “tadpole” shaped eyebrow phase ... #guilty

eyebrow make up and tips for wedding


Which brings me to my tip number 2. You still have the over plucked brow syndrome and they never quite grew back. What now? Get ready to have your brow-life changed with Microblading. The past couple years Microblading has been extremely popular and saving thousands of brow victims. What is it? It's a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that mimics the look of hair strokes on your eyebrows. 


microblading before and after photos



Not only does this give you a chance to give your brows a complete make over and a second chance at life, but you also wake up with them still on everyday. Yes, you wake up with great brows! No more spending 15-20 minutes drawing them on every morning. Not to mention saving your money on expensive brow pencils every month. 


microblading before and after photos


microblading before and after photos

How it's done

Your artist will go over shape, arch, color, and style during the mapping portion before the actual procedure is done. Using a pen-like tool with sterile disposable needles and medical grade pigment the ink is placed in hairlike patterns for a natural brow look. MAJOR perk of Microblading, it is semi-permanent lasting up to two years with some minor touch ups. Therefore you're not gonna end up with your grandmas faded blue tattooed brows. In fact, take your grandma with you for an appointment to get those babies covered. You owe her that.


microblading and eyebrow tips for wedding




I recommend starting your Microblading journey at least four months in advance to give the healing process and 4-6 week touch up time to 100% heal and look their best.


eyebrow tips


wedding day make up


Okay, the big day is here. No brow lady or microblading. HELP! Take a deep breath. Being a makeup artist the passed 12 years, I’ve seen it all. All shapes, sizes, severely unsymmetrical, or none at all. I start each makeup application i’ve ever done with applying eyebrows first. Not only because it’s my favorite part of the process, but it creates the overall template and structure for rest of the face. It completely shapes and transforms your entire face shape thus making your job a lot easier.


 Now, for what to use on such a special day filled with laughing, kissing, dancing, tears, and endless hours of pure bliss?! You need something bullet proof and willing to go the distance with you all night. Here is where you make sure your artist or yourself, comes prepared with Anastasia’s “Dip Brow” pomade. Its a water proof creamy textured pomade you apply using a small angled brush. It can be used in a range from those intense “ombre instagram makeup looking brows”, to soft powdered natural looking brows. Depending on your application and how much you use, it's your preference. Either way those babies aren’t going anywhere till you tell them to with a few swipes from a makeup wipe or remover. Pairing it with a clear brow gel on top gives you the ultimate polished look and one less thing to worry about besides getting poor blue-eyebrowed Grams back home safely that night!


Follow @thebladylady for brow inspo, tips + products. Makeup Artist for over 10 years. Licensed Esthetician. Microblading Artist 🦄 Located in Lake Forest CA Phenix Salons. Book @thebladylady NOW through the month of July for  $350.00.

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