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Jamberry Nail Tutorial + Nail Inspiration

Jamberry nail tutorial

How much do you love glamming up your nails? But how much of a pain is it to drag out your nail polish and then there's the time you spend waiting for it all to dry. Ugh!
We are here to say that Jamberry is the greatest thing on the planet, because it eliminates all the waiting around time. Not sure you can make the switch over, or worried about learning a new process? Keep scrolling and you will see just how easy Jamberry Nail Wraps can be! And stay tuned for a super cute wedding nail inspiration shoot captured by Cyrience Creative Studios!

Jamberry Materials

Jamberry nail wraps

measure and cut nail wrap

From Cyrience Creative Studios:As someone who is not too adept at painting her nails, I love how easy Jamberry Nail Wraps are to apply all by yourself. It's a great activity that brides and their bridal parties can do during a bridal shower, bachelorette party or the night before of the wedding. I got together with my friend and Jamberry Independent Consultant, Jenn Brown to capture step-by-step just how easy they are to apply.


Jamberry Nail Wraps, Nail file, Cuticle scissors, Nail clippers, Orange sticks, Nail wipes, Nail buffer & Jamberry heater

Step One:

Size up the wraps to your fingers. The clear sheets they come on help make it measure. Peel off half of the wrap and cut in half, the other half can be used for the same nail on your opposite hand. The wrap should be longer than your nail, you will cut it to fit once it has adhered to your nail.

Step Two:

Hold the wrap with an orange stick or tweezers and heat until the wrap starts to curl. You can use the Jamberry heater (shown here) or even a hairdryer works well!

Jamberry nail wrap heater

place Jamberry nail wrap onto nail and smooth down

clip excess off

Step Three:

Starting at the center base of your nail bed, apply the wrap. Use an orange stick to smooth the wrap up the center of your nail and out to sides, pressing firmly as you go. Hold your nail up to your heat source for 3-5 seconds, longer if using a metallic wrap. Press firmly on the wrap with your fingers or orange stick to completely seal the wrap onto your nail.

Step Four:

Once cool, use nail scissors or clippers to trim the wrap to the tip of your fingernail, then file off the excess by repeatedly filing in a downward motion. Feel free to place nail in front of heat source for a few more seconds and press firmly on the tips to make sure the ends have sealed.


Repeat the process on the rest of your nails and you're set! No dry-time downtime. At first, applications may take up to 30 minutes, but the more you do them, the faster you become!

Jamberry nails

continue with the rest of your nails

Jenn and I had so much fun, we thought why not bring in some brides to show off just how gorgeous your nails can look alongside a few beautiful gowns?! Our models Valerie and Katelyn loved getting in on the action and applying the wraps themselves before getting into a stunning collection of gowns from Jenny Yoo. We wanted to showcase a few different ways you can customize your wedding day nails.Are you ready to be inspired?! Click here to see this fabulous shoot filled with gorgeous gowns and glamorous Jamberry nails!

Slider Cover

Photographer: Jennifer Cyr of Cyrience Creative Studios Nail Wraps: Jamberry Jamberry Consultant: Jenn Brown Hair & Makeup: Tena New York Bridal Gowns: Vionnet, Taylor, and Mia from Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress: Jenny Yoo Macarons: Macaron Cafe Models: Valerie Jacqueline & Katelyn Pearce Jamberry Nail Wraps Used:
Sugar & Spice, Sweet Symphony, Orchid, Metallic Berry, White Romance, Gold Fishnet, Boysenberry, Rose Gold Sparkle, Vintage Chic

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