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If You’re a Soon-to-Be Bride, You Must Have Heard of Glass Skin

If You’re a Soon-to-Be Bride, You Must Have Heard of Glass Skin Photo via:

Among all the crazy priorities that top a bride’s to-do list for the big day is a baller beauty routine, because well, #goals. And we may have just discovered the biggest trend for soon-to-be brides and all their radiant, blushing bride dreams to boot. It’s called “glass skin” and, yes, you may have seen the hashtag getting some serious hype as of late... 

According to a Refinery29 interview with one of the arbiters of Korean beauty, Alicia Yoon (also the founder of Peach & Lily), the glass skin look is beyond covetable - “this idea of transparent and translucent skin … a sign of youthfulness and one of the most strived-for qualities in Korea.” Something that we think every bride will be jumping on the Korean beauty bandwagon for, for sure. 

Especially when you’ll be spending stacks of money on a pro photog to capture all of the perfectly-posed and candid moments of your special day, you’ll want a poreless look that’s as polished as possible, not too matte, not too shiny. Basically, you need a lit-from-within visage that’s as pure as a sheet of glass. And who knows if you’ll even need makeup once you have an already luminous canvas. 

The new glass skin craze - are you in the know? If You’re a Soon-to-Be Bride, You Might Need Glass Skin.

Getting that enviable glass-like look only takes two steps, but it’s not for the faint of heart. For any ready-to-weds who want that categorically-perfect, on-point bridal glow (because seriously how many times have we heard about THAT glow), making it happen means making a vow to yourself to be diligent and disciplined with your skincare.

You’ll first need to rigorously buff your skin to unmask a smooth, balanced texture. Then, you’ll need to hydrate the f*ck out of it with lightweight, surface-piercing serums and advanced actives that make skin appear dangerously dewy and plump. And then it’s all about that #rinseandrepeat life, because above-and-beyond killer products, the secret to glass skin is dedication. 

Let’s just say, it’s time to get going on that glow, girlfriends. #glasskin #win.

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