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How To Create A No Fail Wedding-day Manicure!

Maxus Nails

Commitment. It’s a beautiful thing. You and your soul-mate have made the commitment to a lifetime of love, and no doubt there’s a ring involved, so you want your matrimonial mani to be on-point, captured for eternity in photos.  And toes, too, for the boudoir and perhaps a barefoot honeymoon. But that’s where commitment gets sticky. 

Acrylic nails are a commitment! Break one while trekking through Machu Picchu, or dog-sledding a deux through Russia’s snow-cloaked Oymyakon Valley, and, well, that’s just awkward.  Not exactly photogenic. 

Gels are faster on-and-off but again offer zero versatility. If you choose that French set or whatever color, you’re committed for a while since the last place you want to be on your honeymoon is in a new nail salon repairing a jilted gel. Especially relevant if your romantic adventures take you far off the beaten track.

Empower Nail Polish Collection Gift Set from Maxus is the answer for the modern, active bride who thinks about more than her manicure. Because it’s more than classic color: it’s a hybrid nail-strengthener that protects nails with a superior gel-like shine, in four iconic shades. Read on to see all the gorgeous shades and learn how to paint your nails.

Empower Nail Polish Collection Gift Set

All it takes is a base coat of Maxus Strengthener 2.0, followed by two thin color coats sealed with Maxus Top Coat.

Best Base Coat

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gift set

Maxus Gift Set

The box set comes in the following 4 colors which you can see below. Adorned, Inspired, Admired and Respected.

It will arrived in a supremely elegant boxed set of four colors is a perfect, easy bridal or bridesmaids gift! Whew. The Empower collection comes in four colors. See all of them below.

Adored Nail Polish
 Chic pastel pink

Bridal nail polish ideas

You can whisk it off in seconds with acetone remover on a cotton round, just like traditional polish.

This combo of protection, strengthening, and easy removal for a fast color change makes the Maxus Empower Collection means that you can fix a scratch or switch up the color with zero drama.

Bridal nail polish ideas Bridal nail polish ideas

Inspired  Nail polish
pure, bright, primary red

Red Nail Polish from Maxus

Red Nail Polish from Maxus Red Nail Polish from Maxus

Admired Nail Polish
Rich, Lustful Bordeaux

BORDEAUX nail polish from Maxus

On your wedding day, you may opt for the sweetness of ADORED, with classic INSPIRED on your toes. Then it’s easy to move into vixen-territory – the wine and chocolate tones of ADMIRED and RESPECTED – once you’ve shed your gown for a new life of wedded, wild adventure.

Whatever you choose, Empower Nail Polish Collection Gift Set from Maxus makes it easy and gorgeous – NSA!

Maxus Nails12 BORDEAUX nail polish from Maxus


Respected Nail Polish

Respected Nail Polish Respected Nail Polish

How To Paint
Your Nails

Nail File

1. File the nail to your desired length. Make sure to use a proper nail grit file. Natural nails should be filed with nail grit 180

2. Always prep the nail prior to applying base coat by removing naturally occurring oils and any left over nail debris. You can use pure acetone or 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol

3. Apply one coat to clean, dry nails.

4. Apply two coats of desired nail lacquer.

5. Finish with one coat of Top Coat. Always cap the free edge. When using a top coat, make sure you float the bead of the product over the nail keeping the brush almost parallel to the nail so not to smudge the polish underneath.

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