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Hair Tutorial | DIY Sock Bun

Hair Tutorial

Here at the WC, you will often find us with big buns ... on top of our heads. In order to spruce ourselves up a bit, we really should start going for a more polished look with a Sock Bun. 

The Versatility of the Sock Bun

A sock bun is great because it's a pretty easy hairstyle to do yourself at home, and it is incredibly versatile. You can wear it just about anywhere - out grocery shopping, for the gym, or to effortlessly keep you looking good throughout the day until a last-minute night out on the town. Wondering what hairstyle will make you look sophisticated when you’re doing super glamorous things like planning what to wear on a private jet charter, or being a bridesmaid at a wedding? A sock bun can be your go-to do!

Team your sock bun with jeans, pumps, and natural makeup for casual occasions, or sparkly earrings and an evening dress for a formal, glamorous look. It's also an ideal choice for before or after a wedding or honeymoon. The options are endless, and you won't have to spend hours getting yourself ready for a special night out.  

Sock Buns

Erica from 1011 Makeup shows us how incredibly easy it is to give yourself a plumper bun ... on top of your head. It is so easy there is no excuse that we should not be sporting a sock bun everyday. 

If you're tired of your usual look and want to try out a new hairstyle, the sock bun is the hairstyle for you. What on earth is a sock bun, you might ask?

Well, it's called a sock bun for a reason: you create it using an actual sock! Ewww, I'm not putting a smelly sock in my hair, you might say! Well, don't worry, just make sure your sock is nice and clean before you attempt a sock bun!

If you're a bit turned off by taking an odd sock from the drawer, why not go out and buy a pair of socks just for making sock buns? This way, you'll know they're brand new and don't have any lint or fluff from the dryer. However, we all know how socks like to disappear when we pull a load of laundry from the machine, so the frugal side of you might see sense in using all of the odd socks you've probably built up over the years.

Hair Tutorial   

OK, so you have your sock...

The sock is the key 'ingredient' in a sock bun, but you will need a few other supplies to create this versatile up-do. You'll need scissors, a standard hair elastic, and any sprays you like to put on your hair after styling: this might be spray serum, hairspray, or hair gel. Before choosing your finishing products, think about what kind of sock bun you want: loose, messy, or bohemian sock buns will look too concrete or finished with hair gel, for example. If you want to look like a polished ballerina, both gel and hairspray will help to tidy any loose strands of hair once you've completed the actual bun. 

Step One:

Take a sock and cut the toe off. The thicker the the sock, the larger the bun. Try to use a sock that is similar to your hair color (light sock for light hair, etc.). Starting from the area you cut, roll the sock down, tightly, to form a doughnut shape. H&M also offers a cheater version of the doughnut. 

Step Two:

Brush out your hair and secure hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. Where you place your ponytail will be where the center of the bun rests. The higher the pony tail, the higher the bun placement. You can smooth out the hair, creating a sleeker ponytail for a more elegant bun, or allow a few wispy pieces, for a less kept, playful bun. 

Step Three:

Take the sock you rolled and pull the hair from the ponytail through the center of the doughnut, and spread the ends of the hair around the doughnut. You will start rolling the doughnut down the hair, starting from the ends of the hair and rolling to the base of the ponytail. As you roll, continue tucking and spreading the hair under and around the doughnut. Don't give up, it may seem like it isn't working but it is :)

If you have lots of layers, or very straight hair, you can slightly back comb the hair in the ponytail, prior to rolling, to help with keeping the hair together as you roll the hair down.

Once you have rolled the hair completely, and the bun is resting in place, you can use the end of a comb to tuck any pieces out of place into, and under, the bun. Use bobby pins and hair pins to secure the bun (placing them under the bun to help hold in place, securing any loose pieces). Check to make sure there are no places where the sock is visible. If you can see the sock, just spread the hair and secure with a pin.

Spray with a light finishing spray.

If you are all about the hair, be sure not to miss our other hair tutorial: How To Halo Braid

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