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Wedding Hair Extensions Dos and Don’ts for The Big Day

how to buy wedding hair extensions

Your big day is fast approaching; of course, you want your hair to look its best. But how do you add the length, volume, and thickness needed to pull off the beautiful bridal styles you’ve been eyeing? The answer lies in hair extensions. These beauty enhancements make it easy to get thicker and longer hair on your wedding day, so you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to style options. As with any wedding decision, you’ll want to take some steps to ensure you select the best extensions.

While choosing your wedding hair extensions doesn’t have to be challenging, there are certain dos and don’ts to bear. Here’s what you should know as you start your shopping journey.

Do Buy High-Quality Extensions.

During your search, you’ll come across many different extension brands. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the options. From unknown, cheaper brands to expensive, high-quality extensions. Your wedding day is among the most important days of your life, so many brides consider investing in high-quality hair extensions worthwhile. A set of low-quality extensions may not blend well with your natural hair and could stand out in photos or in person on your special day. For example, some synthetic extensions have a reputation for looking unrealistic. But did you know synthetic extensions from reputable brands like Zala Hair Extensions still look natural and are more affordable than real human hair?

On the other hand, human hair extensions are a bit more of an investment, but they look natural, blend perfectly with your hair, and can be styled with heat tools. While we recommend you pick 100% Remy Hair Extensions for your wedding day, you can choose quality synthetic extensions for a budget-friendly alternative. Also, always visit the best websites to buy hair extensions. This way, you’ll get high-quality hair extensions and outstanding customer service.

Don’t Cut the Extensions Yourself

Unless you’ve previous experience cutting hair extensions, we don’t recommend taking the DIY route to cut your wedding hair extensions. This holds even if you want to wear clip-in hair extensions on your big day because even a little error can ruin the extensions. Make sure to visit your hairstylist to have your extensions cut professionally. By doing so, you can rest assured you’ll have natural-looking tresses that blend perfectly on your wedding day.

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Do Play Around With Different Hairstyles Before Your Wedding!

It’s always a good idea to experiment with hair extensions by trying out different looks before your special day. This way, you’ll be able to decide which hairstyle you like best. It would be best to try different hairstyles several weeks before your big day to give yourself plenty of time to plan. Many brides schedule trial sessions with their wedding day stylists to test out different looks. If that’s the case, bring your extensions with you, so they know exactly what to do on your wedding day. You may even ask a couple of friends or family members to give feedback on your different hairstyle options to help you find the best look.

Don’t Dye the Extensions Yourself!

If the extensions you bought don’t match your hair shade perfectly, you may want to have them colored. If that’s the case, avoid the DIY route because you could ruin your hair extensions. Always visit a salon if you’d like to have your extensions dyed. The professionals have the right products and techniques and know how to dye hair extensions to match your natural hair shade for seamless blending.


Do Experiment With Wearing Your Hair Up

There is a widely held myth that you can’t wear your hair up with extensions. The reality is that with certain types of human hair extensions, you can pull them into different updo styles, including ponytails and buns. A stylist with experience working with extensions should be able to create the kind you’re looking for or recommend a specific type of extensions to ensure any clips remain concealed.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Number of Extensions

Adding volume and length to your hair is exciting, but avoid getting to the point where you add too many extensions. Your hairstylist will tell you how many extensions you should wear on your big day, so stay within that number.

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