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8 Snacks for a Brighter Smile All Day

bright white smile

With all the whitening strips and DIY teeth whiteners out there, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype. After all who doesn’t want a whiter smile all day, every day? Well what if we told you there are foods you can snack on throughout the day to help brighten your smile and freshen your breath? It’s true, and it’s tastier and easier than you think! So toss out that bag of chips, and drop that can of soda! Munch on these 8 smile “approved” foods instead. 

Eat strawberries for whiter teeth

1. Strawberries

These tasty red berries are a secret weapon when is comes to whitening your teeth. They contain Malic acid, which is a tooth-whitening enzyme known to break away stain-producing particles on teeth. Also, the vitamin C found in strawberries can help with gum inflammation. 

Apples naturally clean teeth

2. Apples

Snacking on apples can benefit your mouth in two ways: First, the act of chewing apples naturally helps scrub teeth clean. Second, much like strawberries, apples contain a high concentration of Malic acid which is a natural teeth-whitening enzyme, and increases saliva production. More saliva helps keep teeth clean, removes stains and reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Not sure which color to pick? Green apples are known to have more nutrients compared to red, however for the purpose of cleaner teeth you can't go wrong with either!

Broccoli is tasty and good for teeth

3. Broccoli

We know, it’s not everyone’s go-to snack, but the nutritional benefits of eating broccoli out weigh the gross factor by far! Broccoli packs an Iron punch, which helps create an acid-resistant barrier that protects the enamel of your teeth while the natural crunchy texture helps clean your teeth while you chew. Toss em in your salad and smile bright!

who doesn't love pineapple? Did you know it helps whiten teeth?

4. Pineapple

Did you know pineapple is the only food to naturally contain Bromelain - an enzyme known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and cleaning properties. It’s also an effective stain-fighting ingredient that can be found in toothpaste. Plus, they're DELICIOUS and it's the perfect summer time treat. 

Orange you glad you added oranges to your snacking list

5. Oranges

Sweet and tangy oranges are irresistible, and now you can eat them knowing you’ll smile brighter after. This fruit can help neutralize the bad acid in your mouth that causes decay so you’ll have a whiter smile and fresher breath after. Orange you glad we told you?

Carrots pack a mighty crunch thats good for your teeth

6. Carrots

Similar to the broccoli, crunchy textures naturally scrub those teeth clean when you eat them. So toss a few extra into your salad and munch away for some pearly whites.

Eat more cheese, please!

7. Cheese

For all you die hard cheese lovers out, here is another reason to rejoice. Cheese is packed with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and protein which help protect tooth enamel from acidic erosion. The AGD, or Academy of General Dentistry also found that the pH level in cheese acts as a neutralizing agent that restores the natural pH levels in our mouths for up to 30 minutes after eating. A balanced pH equals a happy, healthy mouth. So say “cheese!” to a brighter smile.

Drink loads of water for a healthy smile and clear skin

8. Water

Sip water throughout your day to help with saliva production and balance the natural pH levels of your mouth. It’s a refreshing way to cleanse your palette and stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. Bonus! It's also a great for your skin, especially if you have acne (check out our acne survival tips). Plus, sipping water can help loosen plaque and remove any food debris leftover after a meal. Freshen up your glass with some mint, lime or lemon for a quick boost of Vitamin C. 

Now that you've committed to snacking for a brighter smile, it's time to start eating healthy for every meal. Challenge your eating habits by cooking healthy meals right at home. Don't have time to pick up fresh groceries every night? Try a meal delivery service like Green Chef. They use organic ingredients and their meals take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Need more tips for success? We have 5 Top Tips on how to start eating healthy, plus some kick-ass exercises to motivate that booty! 

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