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7 Ways to Get Your Teeth Looking Spectacular for Your Wedding

7 Ways to Get Your Teeth Looking Spectacular for Your Wedding Photo by:

For a bride-to-be, the excitement of your wedding is all too much to bare. As one of the best day’s in your life, it’s time to stun everybody with your most striking look. From gliding down the aisle to the first dance, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear, and a perfect smile will give you the noblest feel alongside your crown and gown. Here are 7 ways to get your teeth looking spectacular for your big day.

Please note that we think you are perfect the way you are! Teeth do not have to be perfect to be beautiful, just keep those babies brushed and flossed - but if  *you* want to change your smile, here are some options.

Scale & Polish 

As you’ll be the limelight of the wedding, immaculately clean teeth are a must for socializing with all your excited visitors! If you struggle to remove hardened plaque that leave your mouth looking unclean after brushing and flossing, scale and polish is the perfect solution. Scaling is a thorough teeth-cleaning process that involves the use of a metal tool to scrape plaque buildup and tartar off the teeth and around the gum line. It’s complemented with polishing treatment, performed by a handheld instrument with a spinning soft rubber cup that smoothes down rough textures on the tooth's surface and removes stains. This oral hygiene technique gets in every nook and cranny, freshening your breath and leaving your teeth spotless and shiny.

Teeth Whitening

A set of pearly whites is a perfect match for your wedding dress and every excuse to brighten your smile! Whether it be genetic, smoking, or excessive coffee-drinking, you don’t have to frown at your discolored teeth any longer. A cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening lightens teeth with a bleaching agent that usually contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. After placing a protective rubber shield on the gums, the whitening product is applied to teeth to remove stubborn stains and discoloration, and makes them appear whiter. It’s a surgery-free technique that will have you looking younger, camera-ready, and give you a confidence boost for your big day.

Dental Veneers 

A special occasion of overflowing memories, your wedding deserves to be hallmarked with beautiful photos that boasts your radiant smile. For those of you with worn-down, chipped, or gappy teeth, this treatment is a quick way to mask those unpleasant flaws. Dental veneers are custom-made tooth-shaped layers of porcelain that change the color, shape and size of teeth. It is an irreversible treatment that is permanently cemented to the surface of the teeth using a special adhesive, and is also ideal for rectifying small misalignments. A similar treatment designed to achieve the same outcome, dental bonding is a cheaper and faster alternative. As well as providing extra strength, resilience and protecting the tooth surface from damage, you’ll have a new set of teeth to flaunt just the way you like them!


Whether it be dental treatments or beauty treatments, looking flawless on your wedding means keeping any enhancements a secret. If you have any cavities and need a filling, you might want to rethink going for the silver option with your wedding approaching. A filling is a piece of material that is placed inside the tooth to restore its function and prevent bacteria from entering the tooth. Unlike white or ceramic-type fillings, silver ones are more noticeable in the mouth, and have a tendency to tarnish the tooth over time. With various filling options available, you can opt for a white or ceramic-type filling that looks more natural, attractive, and practically invisible. So when your husband-to-be or family and friends have you laughing back in stitches, you wont give them a fright.


To keep the attention on your sparkly gown during your big day, you will need a full head of teeth to make a great impression. From missing teeth to being toothless, dentures are a flexible treatment that will revitalize your smile. Dentures are removable custom-made alternatives for missing teeth, and are false teeth with a flesh-colored base to give the illusion of a gum. Whether it be full dentures or partial dentures, they are placed inside the mouth in support of your tongue, and are made of acrylic, nylon or metal. As well as improving your appearance, it leaves your facial muscles firmer, and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding meal and give your public speech with ease.

Orthodontic Treatment

A straight smile is an attractive smile, and that’s what everyone is looking forward to seeing on your wedding. If you suffer from an overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment will grant you a life-changing experience. A rising trend worldwide, orthodontic treatment is an oral device that naturally restructures the teeth to form a straight alignment without false enhancements. Braces place gentle pressure on the jaw and teeth to push them back in the correct position. From the modern Damon to Invisalign brace, contemporary orthodontists like Hampstead Orthodontic Practice are using state-of-the-art materials to disguise brace treatment and cater to various preferences and needs. As well as having a perfect smile, you can enjoy a stress-free wedding without experiencing any discomforting symptoms with misaligned teeth.


There’s no doubt you’ll make a beautiful bride, but sometimes all it takes is that one thing to give you the final touches to magnificence. For those with severe decays or fractures that have damaged a large portion of the tooth, a crown might just save the day. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that encapsulates the entire tooth to protect or restore it, or provide additional support, and are available in various materials. After an impression of your tooth has been made, the crown is perfectly cemented over the tooth right up to the gum line. In addition to protecting your tooth from further damage, a single crown can transform your entire appearance to prepare you for the occasion ahead. 

Getting Your Dream Teeth

Although you’re thrilled to be engaged; the best part is yet to come! As well as a wedding gown, a bride’s facial beauty is her pride and joy. So, whilst you anticipate the church bells and marrying the man of your dreams, go and prepare yourself to look your absolute best with an aesthetic dental treatment.

Author Biography: Rianna Henry is a professional writer for Hampstead Orthodontic Practice, a London-based dental surgery specializing in modern orthodontic treatment for adults and children.

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