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6 Reasons a Mid-Wedding Haircut Could Be the Best Thing Ever

Kayla Cummings Getting Haircut on Wedding Day Photo Credit:

Wedding hair is right up there with the dress when it comes to things that need to be 👌👌👌 the day of. And why shouldn’t it be, you’re probably spending a good chunk of change to make that magic happen. Looking back on my wedding, I remember forgoing a hair trial, because I was much more concerned about my makeup looking as pristine as possible. TG my hairstylist could handle my surprising bride-chill the morning I got married, because she had very little direction: “Umm, I don’t know, an updo with body, lots of loose curls, and side swept in the back?”

That said, despite my pretty relaxed take on wedding day coiffure, most brides (including my sister, who has been obsessing over her bridal hairstyle for the last year) don’t want to take any chances with their ‘I Do’ ‘dos - and we get it. A bad hair day on bride day is noooo gooood. That’s why trials and open communication with your glam squad are so important. You’ve got to make sure your hair girls know EXACTLY what to do with your head before you head down the aisle.

So. This new trend, where brides decide to get 💇🏻mid-wedding, must sound super scary, right? We’d say so, but then our inner anti-bride might start to cry, because seriously, this is the coolest, most badass move ever.

Let’s case study this s*** for a second

Kayla Cummings Getting Married to Husband Griffin

Kayla Cummings, 26, tied the knot with her hubby, Griffin, in January of this year. And for the ceremony, she rocked long, blonde waves - a style she felt comfortable with and confident while wearing as she exchanged vows.

She had always envisioned doing a second look with her hair - but with her preference for down ‘dos, she wondered how she’d be able to showcase two distinctly-different hair looks for the day, if they were both worn down. 

Kayla Cummings Getting Her Hair Cut Before Reception Began

With the help of her hairstylist sister (AKA another one of the most dedicated bridesmaids), they decided just to go big or go home, by doing a crazy-fast haircut before the reception began. They had 15 minutes to do it, searched around for a few to find a tablecloth that would suffice as a cape, and after the epic chop, Kayla shimmied out of her A-line skirt to reveal a much sleeker, sexy silhouette underneath. Add to that a bold berry lip, and she was good to go 👍

Kayla Cummings Getting Ready to Show Her Groom Her New Hairdo

Kayla shocked her man when she showed off her new lob, and he flippin' loved it. He couldn’t stop telling K’s sister, AJ Palace, how perfect it all was. FROM AJ  “All night, he just kept thanking me and telling me how special it was that I was able to give Kayla this new look."

The guests were absolutely amazed, too, so much so that since the wedding, AJ has gotten several inquiries about doing other brides’ day-of cuts in the future.

Check out R29 to see another bride who opted to chop during her destination wedding. Her decision was on the fly and had more to do with the weather - and not wanting Belize humidity to ruin her wedding day buzz - but nevertheless, what she ended up with was incredible+

We are totally on-board with this #somethingsnipped trend, and we considered a few other reasons why we love it. 

Just in case all these photos aren’t inspiring you 💁🏼

Kayla Cummings Wearing Long Blonde Locks Before Her Ceremony

You don’t have to commit to one look. 

This is the best part of the trend, because honestly who only has ONE beauty idea in mind for their big day? Every day brides see new things on Insta, on TV, on their favorite celeb that they may want to try for their wedding, but get pigeonholed into doing only one thing, because it’s easier and more safe. Plus, for any brides who try to stifle their own wants, just to keep their parents or grandparents happy, this is a great way to please both of you! Proper and polished locks for the ceremony, and something crazier that YOU want for the reception.

You can turn up your first look. 

First looks are great, we love them, especially the ones that are totally unexpected. Well, this trend is perfect for making first looks even that much more special. Not only is your partner seeing you for the first time as a bride, he or she is also getting a first look at the bride you want to be, free-spirited and fierce AF. Don’t get us wrong, the first looks that involve brides in dinosaur costumes are cute as hell, but a first look where a bride can debut her #somethingnew is even better. 

You’ll be one of the pioneers of the new ‘reception change out’ charge. 

The whole ensemble change out situation isn’t new for brides. It’s actually pretty mainstream now, and thanks to celebs like Kaley Cuoco, it’s probably not going anywhere for a while. But this dress reveal has nothing on the impact a new hairdo has. It goes beyond the bride taking her veil off and switching it up for a sweet hair accessory; and as for beauty, going from long hair to short or short to pixie is a much bigger leap than just changing the shade that’s on your lips. The haircut change out is next-level, and shows severe sway. You own it. 

Kayla Cummings Surprising Her Groom With New Lob Haircut

You’ll get a few minutes of uninterrupted wedding bliss. 

Of course, on your wedding day, stress levels should be low - all the planning is over, and you can pretty much subscribe to an “it is what it is” sensibility, if only to thwart off any unexpected mishaps that might happen during the day ((and make you freak out)). But inevitably stress will somehow find its way into your special day, so having something strong to sip while you’re getting clipped can be curiously therapeutic. With a smock (or tablecloth cape, in this case) on and your favorite stylist chatting you up, you’re impenetrable from pressure and you can relax and just have fun. Guaranteed, even on your best day ever, your mood can improve exponentially after you look in the mirror for the first time and see your gorgeous new self.

Your wedding photos will tell so many stories. 

The best wedding photos are the candid ones that truly capture the magic that was felt in a moment - between a bride and groom, between a bride and her besties, etc. And when you look through your wedding photos one day in the future, and can remember all of the exhilaration you felt just minutes before you had scissors showing up in the snaps, you’ll feel alllll the feels. Imagine telling your kids how cool their mama was on her wedding day, and showing them exactly how it all went down. It’s just great stuff!

Your honeymoon hair will be haute. 

If you’re going anywhere that’s humid or hot, a rad, shorter style that’s a bit lower maintenance is everything. This is just no brainer. 

Kayla Cummings and Her Husband Griffin Kissing On the Dance Floor

All photos provided by photographer, Katie Kett

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