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10 Minimalist Manis For Your Big Day

10 Minimalist Manis For Your Big Day Photo:

You’ve probably got your hair and makeup all planned out for your big day, maybe you’ve already had your trial, but do you know how you want your nails to look? Deciding on your manicure style for your wedding is difficult because you want to look polished (literally), but you don’t want to clash with your wedding color palette or draw too much attention away from your gown and your rings. We love a good minimalist mani moment, a look that is pretty and put together without being too bright or in your face. Nail Artist Betina Goldstein has perfected the minimalist mani and we’ve picked 10 looks from her insta feed that would be perfect for your wedding day look.

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1. Gold Floral Details

instagram post

On your wedding day, you can’t go wrong with metallics. Think of how stunning this gold floral mani would look in your photos as you exchange rings!

2. Delicate Daisies

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If you’re going for a boho vibe, this delicate mani is the perfect fit. It would pair so well with a lace gown and a bouquet of wildflowers.

3.  Glitter Ombré

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Do you love a little sparkle? Then this glitter ombré mani is for you. Think of how cute it will look with your beaded gown and a confetti sendoff.

4.  Half-and-Half

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If your wedding has a moody color palette, this bold half-and-half mani is a great alternative to painting your nails a dark solid color. It brings in your wedding colors without overpowering your overall look, especially if your gown is lighter in color.

5. The Girl With The Pearl Mani

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Pearls are having their moment and this pearl mani is EVERYTHING. We love the idea of 3-D pearls on your natural nails because, though it is a statement, it won’t steal attention away from your glittering rings or your gorgeous gown.

6. Silver Lining

instagram post

Instead of your traditional French manicure, consider this fun metallic alternative. We love the idea of using one of the more neutral colors in your wedding design as the base and then adding this subtle silver lining.

7. A Touch Of Gold

instagram post

This super-subtle mani with a simple gold outline at the base of the nail would complement any wedding look. 

8. Lace Edge

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We love the idea of incorporating lace into your mani, especially if you can ask your nail artist to match the lace on your gown! How cute is this?!

9. Melting Mani

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This melting metallic mani would kill with a bridal suit look at an artsy gallery wedding. We love how understated it is, yet still so interesting…we can’t look away!

10. Gilded Flowers

instagram post

This stunning gilded mani actually features REAL dried pressed flowers! It is certainly a statement but the neutral/metallic color palette won’t pull focus from your overall look.

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