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Ring Bearers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Rock Suspenders

Armoniia Groosmen in Sunglasses

Ladies know when their guy is feeling hot (nope, not 🤒, 🔥). For me, I can tell when my hubby is feeling sexy when he puts a little gel in his hair, messes it up ever so strategically, and throws on his aviators. When that happens, I know it’s on, and to be honest, it’s almost always when he’s dressed up. Cutthroat, need-to-dress-to-impress client meetings, black-tie charity galas, weddings (including our own way back when), getting formal is his forte. And he’s not alone in his formal fashion fancies, grooms certainly know that their brides need to be the smoke show for the day, but they can step out with confidence and cool in their own wedding wardrobe - and Armoniia knows a thing about dressing dudes for the most important occasions of their lives. They sponsored this post to share some of their most dapper duets of bow ties and suspenders, and we can’t argue with them, the looks are impressive+. 

Armoniia Navy Suspenders and Navy Bow Tie

Let’s take a poll for a sec - how many of you have nudged your partner to think about suspenders for your nuptials, only to say ‘Actually, just kidding, they’ll look cute for our ring bearers, but you should just wear a belt?’ This is such a common consideration, and yes, ring bearers look absolutely adorable in suspenders and a sweetly-paired bow tie, but so can the groom and his entourage. Armoniia has been arming gentlemen with the suavest combinations of formal accoutrements since 2015. Their hero products are haute as hell, and they come with famed functionality for holding up pants real well 👌. Plus, there’s the extra perk of suspenders fitting more comfortably than belts. And who wouldn’t want their groom feeling good while looking gainly?

Armoniia Light Gray Suspenders and Blush Bow Tie

They have eight suspender shades and about 40 bowtie colors, which can be mixed and matched for countless palette combinations. Yes, erase your impression that sets only come in brown and black, because brown suspenders tend to look even better with a petal pink pop of color around your man’s collar, and a trailblazing bro who can turn up with a head-to-toe teal look definitely earns our 😍😍😍. 

Armoniia Brown Leather Suspenders and Blush Bow Tie

Sentiments from one of the brand’s happiest customers

“Very cute and well made. The layering gives a bit of antiquated whimsy. Easily adjustable and quality craftsmanship.” 

Armoniia Navy Suspenders and Coral Bow Tie

I’m going to take the over 3,000 rave reviews Armoniia has racked up on Etsy and put a good word into my future brother-in-law to give suspenders a thought for his squad. He and my sister are tying the knot in October, but even if they don’t go with matching bow ties - they can still score complementing neckties to complete the aesthetic. Regardless, I’ll be sending my sister some bookmarked looks for her to approve for my little boy. He’s got the coveted ring bearer role, and he obviously needs to be stuntin’ for his stroll down the aisle.

Armoniia Ring Bearer Fedora Set

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We partnered Armoniia to share some of the most handsome ensems for the groom and his guys. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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