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Finally, A Suit That Feels As Good As It Looks Thanks To Ministry Of Supply

machine washable suit

When it comes to wedding attire, suits can be a little high-maintenance, to say the least. They can go from looking crisp and clean to a wrinkled mess all within the time of a short plane ride. And let’s be real, there’s a reason you have suits professionally cleaned and pressed. So, it’s totally understandable that what we’re about to tell you is going to absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND.

There’s a new suit in town–it’s wrinkle resistant and travels like a dream, stretches with your body and even your most adventurous dance moves…and it’s machine washable! Take a minute to compose yourself, we’re throwing a lot at you, but we assure you…it may be too good, but it’s TRUE thanks to Ministry of Supply !

machine washable suit

Feel As Good As You Look

You’re going to look hot on your wedding day–it’s a must, but did you ever even dream that you could be comfortable? Well, now you can! Ministry of Supply made it their life’s work to bring you a suit that feels as good as it looks and to say they succeeded would be an understatement.

Both their Kinetic and Velocity suiting options feature omnidirectional stretch, letting you dance, crouch, and swing without restriction or fear of blowing a seam (yikes!). They also decided to tackle another issue that’s been plaguing grooms and wedding-goers for ages–the suit sweat through. We’ve all been there, seen that…it’s not cute. All suits from Ministry of Supply are quick dry to make embarrassing sweat stains a thing of the past and all of their shirts are sweat-wicking (just like your favorite workout shirts).

machine washable suit

Travel Like A Pro

Ministry of Supply brings you the one-bag suit. It can literally be rolled up and squeezed into any available space. When you arrive at your destination, simply hang it up and watch the wrinkles disappear, no ironing required. But, if you’re feeling extra, you can always give it a steam by hanging it in the bathroom while you shower–it doesn’t get much easier than that!

machine washable suit

All Your Favorite Colors

The best part about Ministry of Supply is that you don't have to choose between comfort and style (you get both!). In their classic suit option, they offer four timeless shades: black (a wedding go-to), universally flattering dark charcoal, a trendy medium blue Azurite heather, and a dark navy.

They also introduce different seasonal options throughout the year so make sure to keep an eye out and follow them @ministryofsupply on Instagram!

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Buy More Save More

When you buy a full suit Ministry of Supply will hook you up with a 15% discount, plus, all suits include a complimentary $25 hemming credit for that perfect fit!

They also offer bulk discounts for groomsmen group buys. You’ll save 15% off any 3 dress shirts when you use code SHIRT15 at checkout.We partnered with Ministry of Supply to bring you the latest in suiting technology. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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