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OMG! So, we have this friend that has had the same wonderful girlfriend for about 6 years. He is FINALLY getting ready to propose. However, he has no clue on what to do. Not only on how to ask her but, where to buy her a ring, or what kind of ring she might like. Just to fill you in - he has no idea the difference between an engagement ring and wedding band. He doesn't have any guy friends to turn to for advice, for they are all forever bachelors.
So ladies (or gentlemen), can you PLEASE help us out and come up with a few basics for our friend as well as all those potential grooms out there. Like, how the heck do they find out your ring size with out giving it away? Where is a good place to propose, that does not involve the whole world watching you? Please leave some comments with some advice tips. Our favroite comments will be posted in a HOW TO for HIM!
A last little tip that our dear friend needs... how does he know what type of style of ring would she like? She is a stylish girl, who loves Frankie B Jeans (weird fact we know) and loves the beach. Actually they met on the beach ... which is obviously a perfect place to ask her. Right? Hint hint our friend.
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