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Every Groomsman Needs to Have a Pocket Watch

Every Groomsman Needs to Have a Pocket Watch

By now, you can probably realize that we’re ALL about the non-flask groomsman gift. Friends don’t let friends buy flasks for their fellows (and if you’re a bride reading this, friends of the bride don’t let their favorite female throw that gift idea out to her fiancé), for real. But if it’s not cufflinks, something whisky-related, cigars, or anything meat-related, then what do you go with? A pocket watch: you go with a pocket watch. Why? Because they’re unexpected AF, and not really something a guy would buy himself or even ask for. We caught up with Australia-based brand Fob & Co, because they legit own the category of men’s fob watches, and gave us a ton of clutch contenders to consider before we made any recommendations.

First things first: the fob watch isn’t exactly for the fashion failure groups out there (and ladies, you know if your guy and his groomsmen are stylish or the anti-trendsetters). Wearing a pocket watch requires an effortless level of cool, on par with the likes of James Dean, Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake, so just something to think about when toying with unique timepieces for a gift idea. And like we’ve mentioned before, when referencing bracelets for the boys, the pocket watches don’t have to be worn at the wedding, but it’s a pretty baller statement if they can be. A handsomely-clad crew, rocking pocket watches in their waistcoats? We’d be okay with being their plus ones, bridesmaid counterparts, or happily-ever-after hook ups at the end of the night, just sayin’....

Every Groomsman Needs to Have a Pocket Watch

Now about Fob & Co and their narrative. Here’s how they see it:

Watches tell ‘time,’ pocket watches tell a ‘story.’ How great is that? Especially when it comes to gifting one for a wedding. It’s not just any occasion, it’s a special one and one that celebrates not only the story of the couple, but the story of a groom and his best guys. With a pocket watch, your groom can commemorate the day with those closest to him, and also let each of them know how v. VIP they are in his life.

And each of their PWs tell a story, like you wouldn’t believe

I’m a bit more partial to the open face look, but the full hunter pocket watches have such an undeniable mystique to them (potentially even more fitting for a wedding, when it’s okay to do things a little more extra). If you’re not well-versed in pocket watch vernacular, and that’s basically everyone outside of the Fob & Co family, we’d recommend taking a peek at their history of the pocket timepiece trend. Just a little bit more research on your soon-to-be hubby’s part can raise the bar on his gift-giving skills; it’s pretty sexy, too, to see your S.O. curate looks for his entourage. Brass for him, skeleton for him, half-hunter for him 😍.

Also. Everything is $99 or less… so, they hit that under $100 gift category, too. Critical. 🙌

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