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Dress the Part: The Groom’s Guide 2019

Dress the Part: The Groom's Guide 2019

Let's face it: When it comes to wedding-day style, bridal attire gets most of the attention. However, the groom has to look his best, too — not just any suit will do. The right outfit will have you looking just as sharp and polished as your spouse-to-be, so it shouldn't be an afterthought or quick decision. Instead, follow these four steps to make shopping for and perfecting your wedding-day look a much easier task.

1. Suit, Tux or Something Else?


Before you can start envisioning or purchasing your outfit, you have to know the level of formality your wedding will require. Will you stand barefoot at the end of an aisle on the beach, or will you and your spouse waltz into a glamorous venue?

Most formal weddings or black-tie affairs will, of course, require you to wear a tuxedo. For a ceremony with a bit more of a casual vibe, you can get away with a suit. Sometimes, grooms dress down even further, ditching the jacket for a simple button-down shirt, tie and slacks, for instance.

Speak with your spouse-to-be and see what they have in mind for your wedding day, too. Together, you should decide on the dress code, and this information will help you pick your outfit.

2. Choose Your Colors

seasonal groom style

Once you settle on the fanciness of your wedding, you should figure out the color scheme for the day. If you'll have bridesmaids and groomsmen, you should think about what they'll wear, too. Their outfits will have to mesh with the overall theme.

To that end, it's an excellent idea to coordinate what you and your groomsmen will wear with the bridesmaids' dresses. Pastel gowns will pop against darker suits or tuxes. The opposite's true, too — you and the guys can wear a light color if the women wear deeper-toned dresses.

You might also want to wear something to make you stand out from the wedding party, just as the bride does. For instance, you might wear a suit that coordinates with what your groomsmen wear but isn't quite the same. You can wear a jacket and have the guys wear just a button-down shirt. It's up to you, but envision how it'll all look together before you buy something.

Make sure your chosen colors will flatter you, too. One such method for doing so is picking shades that match the season of your complexion. For instance, those with autumn skin have dark hair and yellow undertones to their skin. Dark red, brown and even burnt orange will flatter this particular combination of skin and hair. Figure out your season and choose the color palette to match.

3. Tailor It Perfectly

grey groom suit

No groom wants to look messy on his wedding day. When you try on your suit or tux, it probably won't fit perfectly right away. Be sure to take care of the bagginess or extra length before you say "I do."

A tailor can help you with this and more — they know how to sew and trim your attire so it fits well and flatters your body. They also know the nitpicky fitting rules that should dictate how you wear your suit.

For instance, your suit jacket sleeve should graze your wristbone. About a quarter-inch to an inch of your shirt cuff should show from underneath. The suit jacket's collar should lay flat without any bulges in sight. Venting of the coat shouldn't pull open, as that's a sign it's too small. Oh, and your pants should reach all the way to your shoes, covering one-third of your footwear.

We don't expect you to remember all this, and you don't have to. Your tailor will know how your suit should fit and adjust your garments accordingly.

4. Accessorize With Style

grooms socks pocket square

Finally, make your wedding day look your own. Brides get a guide — something old, something blue. You have the luxury of choosing what to wear based on your personal style.

You have plenty of options on how to punch up your suit, too. For starters, you get to decide between a tie or a bowtie. You can pair your neckwear with a coordinating vest or pair of suspenders. Fancier affairs might call for the traditional tux combination, which would include a cumberbund.

Fancy, personalized or heirloom cufflinks would make the look even more special. Pop a pocket square in for a punch of personality or color, too. See? Men's fashion doesn't have to be boring, and you can make your wedding-day look your own.

Say "I Do" With Flair

groom style

With the right preparation, tailoring and accessorizing, you will have a one-of-a-kind wedding-day look that speaks to your style. That's what wedding fashion's all about if you really think about it — you just want to look your best on the best day of your life. Following these four steps will get you there.

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