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Choose Manly Bands for the Practical and Masculine Groom


I always thought I was picky, that was until I went ring shopping with my husband. I am not exaggerating about him being picky, and I am sure that a lot of men can relate. This was my husbands first time wearing any kind of jewelry. So maybe going to a jewelry store in the mall and having diamonds forced down our throats wasn't the best first impression for ring shopping. Everything was too flashy, too gold, too feminine. We left empty handed each time. I knew he felt discouraged,  I mean this is something he's going to wear for the rest of his life.


So one night I am scrolling through my Instagram feed and I see an ad for Manly Bands, of course I click on the ad. How did Instagram/Manly Bands know the dire situation we were in? As I go to their site I see the opening text, "At Manly Bands, we know how frustrating it can be for men to choose a wedding band that they can feel confident wearing (trust us, we've been there..) That's why we started Manly Bands, to help men find wedding bands that fit their personality (and their budget), while still staying classy." Damn! Got me again.

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As soon as I read that, I was hooked and I start perusing all the rings they have to offer. The rings are so reasonably priced, and according to Manly Bands, "Each ring is birthed from a different kind of manliness, wrapped with fire and testosterone and then shipped off with courage and kindness from our impenetrable fortress in Florida." Fortunately we already knew my husband's ring size from going to the jewelry stores in the mall, so we were able to order his ring pretty instantly. We ended up going with The Savant in size 6 mm.

The Savant Manly Bands

We initially wanted to go with The Instigator, but it was sold out so I reached out to their customer service team. If you love this ring too, don't worry it will be back. It's a popular one! The black plating on each side and the domed/comfort fit is so sleek. Anyway, their customer service was beyond! They replied in such a timely manner, and after we placed our order I got a really encouraging email from the CEO, personally thanking us for being Manly Band customers, and making sure we had a top notch experience. We certainly did, and thank you!


Another great thing about Manly Bands is that they do have a lot of options. You are able to choose from Wood, Tungsten, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. Manly Bands also has some really unique bands mixed with wood, tungsten and genuine turquoise. Did I mention their warranty is pretty great as well? Each ring comes with a "no hassle" one year warranty. Any manufacturer issues will be replaced - no questions asked!


Manly Bands Discount

A special treat for you: Manly Bands is offering a 15% discount on purchases over $80.00. Use the code CHICKS15 to retrieve your special 15% off. Code expires September 30th, 2017. If you need some more convincing head over to their testimonials, everyone is super satisfied with the speediness of their ring delivery along with the amazing quality. Get shopping!

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