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6 Reasons Grooms Want to Shop for Their Wedding Suits Online

6 Reasons Grooms Want to Shop for Their Wedding Suits Online

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Just the other day, I was thinking about the amount of bridal businesses this pandemic has inspired: all rallied around an online dress buying experience. It’s not shopping in a store, but let’s be honest, sometimes the best purchases come from the calm of online shopping at home. That said, for grooms, online shopping for suits and tuxedos has been a thing for a while (we’ll get to all those reasons why later) - it’s just only gotten better since The Modern Groom came on the scene. This entirely-online suit shopping experience is amazing and delivers on the one thing grooms want most: ease. If you and/or your groom need to start scoping out a suit sitch for your wedding, you’ll have to check out TMG.

Started out in AZ now they here.

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6 Reasons Grooms Want to Shop for Their Wedding Suits Online

Okay, so, The Modern Groom is the “brother” company of the brick-and-mortar menswear brand, Nick’s Menswear in Arizona. After 10 years of making Arizona weddings look great, the family-owned company wanted to help guys outside of Arizona look awesome too (and, I mean, why not take their talent to new heights - beyond the Grand Canyon state?). So, in 2019 they started The Modern Groom to reach grooms and groomsmen virtually, across the country.

Grooms want it easy, but they’re still willing to put in the work.

The Modern Groom process is easy and grounded by its impeccable customer service. It starts off one of two ways: via a consultation or via a virtual suit build - both still keep the groom in the driver’s seat. 

6 Reasons Grooms Want to Shop for Their Wedding Suits Online

They want options and the freedom to explore ensembles. 

Yes, grooms gravitate to online buying, because it’s a lot simpler than trekking to the store. It doesn’t mean, though, that they’re satisfied with a subpar shopping experience plus limitations. That’s why the team behind TMG recommends grooms get familiar/play around with their site first to peruse all of the suit options, all of the testimonials from happy husbands, and all of the real wedding photos stacked on their social feeds (there are so many good ones and so many differently-styled sirs to get inspired by).

They want the opportunity to talk about their day. 

Yes, brides, it’s your day (we all know that and won’t do/say anything to steal that thunder away!) - but it’s your guy’s day too. Despite what anyone might say, he’s got opinions on everything and he’s paying attention to all of the aesthetics of the occasion. So, when he’s figuring out his look for the main event, he’ll want to get into it, he’ll want to talk colors, he’ll want to talk formalities, he’ll want to go over his likes and dislikes right off the bat. And with The Modern Groom’s virtual consultation/appointment, he’ll have ALL the opportunities to discuss x, y, and z with his stylist.

6 Reasons Grooms Want to Shop for Their Wedding Suits Online

They want some guidance and direction on what they’ll be dressed in.

Again, ease and simplicity is always top of mind for guys (ladies, too, but guys without a doubt), but they don’t want to do it alone, either. Beyond their partner, they want an extra sounding board and that might not mean [they want] their friends or their fam, but someone with credentials and a veteran status in styling. Enter The Modern Groom’s virtual stylist appointment, where your groom can chat up a real person (not a robot or avatar), get recommendations, and try the brand’s virtual suit builder on for size. Quite literally, he can demo the suit builder with his stylist and pair suits, shirts, ties, and more together, on screen, to see what his whole top-to-bottom wedding wardrobe could look like - with you there by his side, of course! 

They want efficiency and a no-fuss / perfect fit process. 

Trying not to make assumptions, because I’m a female (and was a bride), but from what I’ve observed in my own husband, guys do appreciate efficiency and straightforwardness. They’re also fans of the ‘set it and forget it’ kind of ideology - so, once they review their options, discuss fit/sizing (oh, and with The Modern Groom, tape measures are rarely used, because stylists make on-point size estimations after the groom answers only a few body-proportion profiling questions), and make a final decision on what they like best, they want to move forward and lock in a tailored look that’s 👌 the first time. 

The Modern Groom’s stylist will prep ALL the things, confirm sizes, and ship a box straight to your/his doorstep for a final, physical try-on.

6 Reasons Grooms Want to Shop for Their Wedding Suits Online

They want their suit squared away in as little steps as possible. 

Once he’s received his suit, all he needs to do is try it on, touch it, feel it, move around in it, and snap some pics (or have his other half do it!!) to send to his stylist for ultimate fit confirmation. If any tailoring is needed (and usually not much is required apart from pant hemming), the stylist will make all the recommendations upfront to avoid all those unnecessary trips back and forth to the store+tailor. And that’s another beautiful thing about The Modern Groom: they don’t just rely on measurements, in fact, they make sure to ask questions other than that to determine the best fit for each and every customer, uniquely.

They want to tender a transaction that ends with something they own versus something they rent.

And finally, shopping online, with The Modern Groom, means that your groom will be able to find his fave among five classic, timeless suits and then keep it forever - because who likes to spend money on big, boxy rental suits that they can’t even keep? NO ONE. Suit packages start at just $195, and a Modern Groom suit is his to own at the end of all of this. Custom, fitted, easy, and most importantly, enviable style.

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And once he’s done, he can get the ball rolling for his boys (groomsmen and fathers) in the same, easy, breezy way. 💣💥. Get your groom the best suiting experience ever, all done online, at The Modern Groom.

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We partnered with The Modern Groom to share one of the best-kept secrets for seriously enviable groom+groomsman style. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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