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5 Things Every Groom Should Do

5 Things Every Groom Should Do Wedding Inspo:

We're sharing some solid advice for all the grooms out there courtesy of Groomsmen Central, a hub for all things groomsmen with all of the best groomsman gifts and none of the crappy ones.

Select a Best Man

Selecting who should be in the wedding party is not rocket science, but it does require some thought. Naturally, one would want the best man to be a long-time best friend. A guy who knows the groom well and has supported him for many years.Of course, the groomsmen are also special to the groom, but not as much as the best man. This is the reason why the best man has a more significant role among the other men in the wedding party.

The best man traditionally has various responsibilities, including organizing a bachelor party, helping out with other wedding preparations, and making sure that the groom arrives on time to the altar.Given all the tasks and responsibilities it's only proper to show appreciation not only for the best man but also for the groomsmen.

Dance Lessons

5 Things Every Groom Should Do Wedding Inspo:

If you suffer from two left feet, you may be petrified at the thought of your first wedding dance with your bride. Fear not! There are plenty of dancing classes you can attend to brush up on your skills. If you prefer to practice in private, ask a relative or friend to help you.

Song choice is extremely important. Selecting the right song for your first dance determines what kind of dance you need to learn. Here is a list of the most popular song choices along with the dance to learn for each:

“The Best is Yet to Come” - Foxtrot - Frank Sinatra
“L.O.V.E.” - Foxtrot or Swing - Nat King Cole
“Love is Here to Stay” - Foxtrot - Frank Sinatra
“Moon River” - Waltz - Audrey Hepburn
“Fascination” - Waltz - Jane Morgan
"Close to You” - Rumba - The Carpenters
“You Send Me” - Foxtrot or Swing - Sam Cooke
“Wonderful World” - Foxtrot or Swing - Sam Cooke
“Dream a Little Dream of Me” - Rumba - Mamas & the Papas
“In My Life” - Rumba - The Beatles

These are all danceable songs but there are others. If you are a more confident dancer then using a more challenging song is an option. The foundation of good dancing is the proper dance position. As the man you will need to be the leader while your bride will be following you. The proper dance position for the leader is with your right hand behind your bride’s left shoulder blade. Cup the right shoulder blade while your right elbow is up and pointed out to the right side. Her left arm will be wrapped around your lifted right arm with her hand just above your bicep. Bring your left arm up and hold your bride’s hand. Your elbows should be relaxed and pointed slightly down.

If nothing else, learn the basic box step. It isn’t a difficult move to master, will help you gain confidence in your dancing, and get you moving for your first dance. People by the sizzle and not the steak so a good entrance is key. Confidence breeds competence so enter the dance floor knowing you can dance.

The simple box step can be spruced up a bit by learning to spin your bride. It’s simple and will make you look like you are a better dancer than you are. Last but not least end with a dip. This moment will be captured by your wedding photographer and the older you get the better dancer you will become in the stories you tell others. The photograph of you dipping your bride will serve as proof that you once danced like Fred Astaire. By the way, if you need further help in the dancing department there are dance studios around the world with his namesake.

Prepare a Speech

5 Things Every Groom Should Do Wedding Inspo:

If you fail to plan then your plan is to fail. Never more true than when it comes to wedding speeches. Preparation and sincerity are the essential ingredients to making a great groom’s speech. Start writing your wedding speech weeks before your wedding day. Don’t force the writing. It should come naturally so wait until you have a quiet moment and begin writing from the heart. If you start weeks before your wedding then there is minimal pressure on you and no need to force anything. It also gives you plenty of time to rehearse your speech.

Your groom’s speech needs to be entertaining while maintaining authenticity. It also needs to be romantic. This is your wedding after all. It’s best to outline your speech first. Similar to the five-paragraph essay you learned to write in high school a groom’s speech should have an introduction followed by a few supporting points, and a conclusion.

These tips will help when it comes to writing your first draft:

Create a warm introduction by thanking your guests for their attendance, thank the father of the bride, best man, groomsmen, bridesmaids, wedding parties, and of course, your stunning bride.

Use ‘we’ to speak on behalf of you and your wife. For example, “we would like to thank…” Incorporate subtle humor into your speech but avoid any crude/inside jokes.

Speak from your heart when mentioning your bride – this is when you can add some love quotes to enhance your romantic side.

Mention how you met, anecdotes about your relationship and your favorite memories are all great aspects to include in your groom wedding speech.

Give wedding gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen if you haven’t already done so at the rehearsal dinner.

Close your speech by thanking both wedding parties and guests again. Finally, toast your bride and your new life together.

Try to keep your speech under ten minutes long – this is the perfect amount of time to keep guests enthralled but prevent them from becoming restless.

Give the Bride a Gift

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Your bride is the love of your life and let’s face it every guy marries up in the world so why not acknowledge this fact and show your gratitude and appreciation to your newly minted wife by giving her a gift on your wedding day? She may or may not be expecting it but rest assured with emotions running high this will only work in your favor.

Give her something personal that signifies your love for her and will make this day extra special for the rest of your lives. You get once shot at this don’t go cheap and mess it up by not getting her a gift. Not only will you look good in her eyes but those of her family and friends as well. Start your marriage off on the right foot and give her anything from her favorite Starbucks drink to diamonds on the wedding day to make it an extra emotional day when she walks down the aisle.

The other possibility is that she gets you a gift for the wedding day and you have nothing. Do you really want to be that guy? Of course not. Take our word for it and put some extra thought behind your wedding gift to you bride. You will be glad you did and this investment is guaranteed to pay dividends for years to come.

Groomsmen Gifts

5 Things Every Groom Should Do Wedding Inspo:

Giving your groomsmen Is the ideal way of saying thank you. Traditionally, gifts are given after the rehearsal dinner, but there's no harm in breaking the rules, so feel free to share gifts at any point in your celebration. When choosing your gifts, go for something memorable, practical, and unique. You may decide to opt for something personalized to symbolize your valued relationship or you may want something a little unique like a nice bottle of their favorite liquor or tickets to a sports game. It's best to set a budget for your gifts – this is something to discuss with your fiancée. Remember, you’ll both need to purchase gifts for smaller roles like flower girls too.

Deciding what you should get your groomsmen for gifts doesn’t have to be a struggle. This is the time for you to say "Thanks for being there, buddy." Whether he is someone who grew up with you, running the streets of your childhood together, or he is a newer friend from college, the military, sports, or work, the sentiment is the same … “I appreciate you being here with me on this major day.”

Wedding days and everything that goes along with them – bachelor parties, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, tuxedo fittings, and straight up “get your nerves right” sessions – are such a huge part of our lives. Weddings are just one of those events, like graduations and the day your children are born, that form the pivotal scenes of our lives. You don’t want to spend them with just anyone. The groomsmen you have selected are the cream of your crop…the ultimate bros if you will. You know they deserve something amazing to commemorate this day, too, because it’s not every day one of you gets married.

Fortunately, “something amazing” doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult to find groomsmen gifts. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that you can buy groomsmen gift sets to take care of everything in one shot. Or, you can buy your best man, ring bearer, groomsmen, usher, father, and father-of-the-bride gifts in bulk and customize them to make something a bit more personal and original.

When it comes to weddings and sorting out details, things can get a little confusing and out of hand. Usually, the bride handles everything about the wedding, even the smallest detail. And while the groom may have a little say about his wedding, one thing he has the liberty to do on his own is picking his groomsmen and their gifts.

Some people think entourage gift giving is just a trend that people do because it's what they see in the social media world we live in. The truth is it’s a way of showing gratitude and it just so happens that there are lots of awesome material gifts that couples can buy now to include in their thank-you-cards.

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