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5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

Alrighty, so since Valentine’s Day is in our wake, and engagement season has been eclipsed by wedding planning season, it’s time to think about one of the most important next steps to ‘I Do:’ the aisle fashion. Us ladies have probably been using this awards season’s red carpets to strategize some stellar looks for our girl squads, but let’s not forget about the guys. Yes, they’ll probably get around to the styling a lot later than we do, but that doesn’t mean the groom and his group can’t still have their own best-dressed moments. And guess what? Wedding season just got less expensive and more convenient (both very good things), because for the first time, men can own a great fitting, high-quality suit and tuxedo for less than the cost of a traditional rental. The Groomsman Suit is an award-winning e-commerce company offering suits and tuxedos for just $194. That’s right, a wholeeee lot less than renting a nice ensem usually costs.

What one last lousy rental situation catalyst

The company was co-founded by lifelong friends Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz after Jeanne's personal experience planning her own wedding. With no other options to affordably outfit their groomsmen, she and her husband were forced to go the rental route only to be disappointed by the logistics, poor fit, and price (not too far off from most couples’ experiences). So, it was only a matter of time before the besties put their passions and strengths together to create a new solution for black-tie attire: a sharp-looking tuxedo that could be purchased for less than the cost of a traditional rental.

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

Since launching out of their NYC apartment in 2016, the company has generated $2.5 million in sales in 2018, is projecting $8 million in sales for 2019, and is now headquartered out of a 2,200 sq. ft. warehouse in Chicago’s garment district. Oh, and they’ve also racked up WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Awards in 2017 and 2018, respectively… so, yeah, you can say that they’re getting it done. 

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

But back to the ‘why buy’ question…

Yes, the groomsman rental racket has been around for as long as we can remember. Guy gets engaged, guy asks his best guys to stand up there with him, guy conveys juuuust enough info to his crew so that they all make sure to have their measurements and rentals squared away with plenty of runway before the wedding (and usually, even that is tough).

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

This is why we advocate for buying over renting:

No guy gets excited about a rental.

Seriously, unless it’s an afternoon spent driving around in a luxe Lamborghini, no guy ever gets excited over something rented. Something that he buys; however, is a different story. My husband doesn’t do it often, because they’re not cheap, but when he gets fitted for a new suit, he leaves the store with a distinctive smile on his face. He feels sexy, he feels confident, he feels masculine AF, and even if it’s not a Tom Ford tux or a Saint Laurent suit, he still feels like a celebrity.

If your guys can buy instead of rent, they’ll be much more psyched about it. PROMISE YOU! 

Aside from saving on cost, which is usually cheaper.

If you rent, that is. But with The Groomsman Suit, their typical cost, per groomsman, comes in around $194. Which is unheard of, really.

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

No guy feels his best in #somethingborrowed.

Sure, she has her old, new, blue and borrowed, but I don’t know, for guys, it’s not as magical to be wearing something that’s been worn hundreds of times before. With something that’s fresh and almost made-to-order, every groomsman can feel new and shiny (like his bridesmaid counterpart does in her dress). Not to say that groomsmen don’t take pride in their wear when they’re decked out in rentals, but the fact that they’ll each be wearing their own suit or tux, bodes well for 😄😄😄 in photos and less of a likelihood of spills, stains, rips, etc. happening on the ensems.

Because nothing even comes close to fitting properly.

I had seven groomsmen in my wedding, and I’m pretty sure that more than half of them complained about their tuxes not fitting well. And this is the rule more than it’s the exception (even with ‘careful measurements’ happening in store). That’s why The Groomsman Suit kills it, because it’s the first company of its kind to sell modern and slim fit jackets and pants as “separates” allowing men to mix and match from 60 sizes to fit their unique body (and get as close to a custom fit as possible). Bye-bye boxy, unflattering fit, hello sophisticated, GQ-kind of styling.

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

The bride tribe at-home try-it trend works, so guys can get in on it, too!

And truthfully, one of the worst parts of the rental process is having to go in-store to get things done. Who has time for that? No one. With The Groomsman Suit, everything is done online with a fit guarantee, free at-home trial, free shipping both ways, and premium customer service. Grooms can manage their party, create a look/looks for the day, and send reminders (because, LBH, the guys can always use an extra heads up) all from a single dashboard.

These ladies are shaking up the groomsman game!

The young company's precise fit technology, high quality, and low price point are disrupting more established suiting brands and the tuxedo rental market. As a result, TGS has been honored to help countless weddings and thousands of men look sharp at an affordable price. Sharp actually doesn’t even come close, these guys look 🔥🔥🔥.

…. And so do the mini men!! To kick off 2019, the style startup launched its first Kids Collection offering matching outfits for ring bearers and junior groomsman for just $94. I’m particularly amped about this, because finding formal wear for my little guy is always such a mess. Knowing that these under-$100 options exist just makes me SO. HAPPY.

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

Shop now and shave off 10 percent

Now through April 30th, shop the site and enjoy 10 percent off with the code “WEDDING CHICKS.”


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We partnered with The Groomsman Suit to share one of the best-kept secrets for seriously enviable groomsman style. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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