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5 Reasons the Good Cigar Co. Makes Sense for Your Guy Crew

Good Cigar Co Groomsman Gift Packs

Alright, I’m about to be totally transparent… I know closeeee to nothing about cigars. I do; however, think that a guy with a cigar in his mouth and a glass of single malt whisky in his hand is hella sexy. And when he’s in the company of his boys, in the great outdoors (with a firepit flaming in front of them), lighting up and lightening up, it’s a pretty solid setup. The founder of Good Cigar Co., the authority on the modern and approachable cigar experience, thinks so too.

Will McQuain has been a cigar connoisseur for the greater part of his young adulthood, and to him, their purpose has ALWAYS been about connecting people and celebrating the best parts of life. From college game days and tailgates to beach weekends and wedding days, whatever the occasion, Will brought revelry - of the smoking kind. Tobacco, guys, chill out….

It only took a few years of assembling his own cigar packs for weekend adventures to make Will realize that he was onto something. And in 2016, he launched Good Cigar Co. Little did he know, he’d be headlining one of the biggest breakthroughs for the wedding industry. Grooms, if you’re reading this, get ready. Brides, if you’re into cigars then 👏👏👏 - we salute you - if you’re not, just smile and nod, this is something your guy is going to love.

Good Cigar Co. Good Cigar Pack

The brand is legit. Promise we’re not blowing smoke up your a**

GCC finds the best cigars from the exec team’s favorite brands and factories, and sells them in beautifully-designed, humidity-sealed packaging (that keeps them fresh for months) with everything you need to light up and enjoy the cigar they’ve selected for you. Every pack includes a cutter, matches, detailed tasting notes and two perfect cigars - one for you and another one just like it to share. You can test them out with a one-off purchase, buy a few packs as part of a bulk order (gifts, favors, etc.), or even sign on for the subscription service (offered in monthly, 3-month and 6-month rotations). And it’s beyond reasonable. From what I know from my brother-in-law, cigars aren’t cheap; when you get a pair of the top-shelf stuff and everything you need to smoke them successfully, all-in-one, it’s a done deal 💰

Good Cigar Co. Groomsmen Gift Pack

Why they’re a GOOD get for grooms and groomsmen

Well, apart from being an awesome and affordable gift for any guy - regardless of his stogy-smoking status - these cigar packs are certifiably cool, plain and simple. The whole curated concept makes for a serendipitous experience every time. So, while your guys can’t pick their own cigars, they’ll get a great sampling of top brands like Padron, Oliva, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley and hundreds more. GCC will introduce the fam to some new favorites, some of which can be found in their local tobacco shop, and others they might never be able to find again. It’s just fun!

We’ve chatted with some of the cigar-loving guys in our own crews and put together a quick list of wedding occasions where these stylish, portable essentials kits would be 👌 AF.

For a congratulatory engagement dinner 

Does your guy have a bromance underway with someone from his office? If you’ve heard utterings of his work hubby getting engaged, light a fire under his ass and have him order a special ‘good for you’ gift to give the groom-to-be when the department takes him out for dinner or a quitting time happy hour.

For a co-ed stock the bar party 

Did we mention how dope these little cigar sachets are? Well, they are. And if you and your honey are having a stock the bar party (i.e. a co-ed shower where you ask guests to bring booze and barware instead of traditional gifts off the registry), you can set the mood by having some of these displayed around your digs / and maybe even separate at some point to let the girls do their own thing while the guys have a little cigar break.

For an epic bachelor party

We’re talking mountain climbing, hiking, camping in the Appalachian Mountains. Rough ‘n tumble and repeat. Order a couple of packs and bring them along to break out after all the burgers and hotdogs have disappeared. Will and his team offer personalized consultations for every groomsmen gift order to ensure that the selected cigars are perfect for the intended recipients. So whether they smoke on the reg or just on occasion (and what’s more special than a bestie’s bach), they’ll have something that suits their taste and comfort level. Intimidation elimination, holla.

For a pimped-out groom’s suite at the wedding 

While the ladies are getting ready, the guys can chill out in their own suite with a whisky bar and a few packs of Good Cigars to get things going.

For the boys’ bathroom

The restrooms at the reception need their obligatory convenience baskets - and the one in the women’s bathroom with for sure be packed with ALL the amenities. So, add a little mood to the men’s room with a few packs of GC. Guests don’t need to be regulars whatsoever, it’s just a matter of choosing a variety of intensity levels. The company splits things up into three categories: Mild, Medium, and Full-Bodied. We suggest ordering up some ‘casual,’ ‘classic,’ and ‘aficionado’ options to appeal to everyone.


We're sold. ✌️


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We partnered with the Good Cigar Co. to let you know about this smoking hot sitch for your groom and groomsmen. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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