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5 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square


The pocket square is a timeless classic and an absolute essential for any groom but do you know what to look for when choosing one for that big day and do you know what to definitely avoid?

Often you’ll find that the best man and ushers will be wearing very similar attire to the groom and so will often all have matching pocket squares. Traditionally this has been chosen based on matching with the selected tie or the particular color theme of the wedding but because the groom and friends tend to hire their suits together from the same place they often end up with a very unoriginal flat color that offers very little extra.

Rampley & Co specializes in bringing that extra little touch to an outfit on the very biggest of occasions and offer stunning patterns and original designs including works of art from some of the finest art galleries in the world. Their co-founder Elliott Rampley has given his key things to look out for when planning pocket square perfection!  Read on to hear his take on why your groom should wear a pocket square.

1. Will it get noticed?

elegant pocket squares

Everybody is proud of their wedding photos and wants to look their absolute best on their big day. I often find, however, that the selection from the groom and his cohort can be relatively safe and more in line with the theme of the wedding than their own personality. The vast majority of outfit selections will feature the obligatory pocket square but it will often be a flat color and match the tie that has been chosen for the occasion.

Not only do I personally feel that matching a tie and pocket square directly through flat color is a big no no even at a wedding, but it doesn’t give you that little added piece of flair or become a talking point like a pocket square is intended to be. In short, it won’t be noticed. Going for a classic white square in a flat fold is unquestionably a safe option that will always deliver but I like to see a little color and pattern when a groom is wearing a square. Huge cost and attention to detail goes into the wedding dress of the bride and so why shouldn’t the outfit of the groom get this same level of attention?

2. What material should you choose?


This will definitely depend on the theme of the wedding and especially how formal it is but there are a few options to be considered here. The head would always say you should absolutely go with silk and it would definitely be a reliable and safe option as well as give the premium feel you’re most likely going to be looking for. On top of this, the level of detail you can achieve when printing on silk is exceptional and many of the pieces of fine art we’ve used on our squares in past years would only work on this type of material.

The first of two alternatives I’d offer here would be to consider a nice wool-silk blend to add a little texture. Often formal wedding attire can appear a little flat and so adding some texture will give you a point of difference and a blend like this will also give the premium feel you want. The second option would be to go for a high quality linen pocket square, a great option for a slightly more casual style and perfect if you’ve made the decision to stay away from wearing a tie, perhaps because you’re in a warmer climate.

3. What size and finish?


The material will definitely affect the size that you want to go for but seeing as most pocket squares used at weddings will be silk we’ll start here. When using a 15oz or 16oz which the more premium square will be then you’ll want to go for anything around the 40-42cm squared size.

Here at Rampley & Co we feel that a 42cm square will give you the nice full finish you’re looking for without bulging the pocket like a 45cm one would and without slipping down into the pocket as you move around, a symptom of the smaller and often cheaper 30-33cm squares. In terms of finish, always go for a hand rolled hem. This will help with the structure when in the pocket and give you a more secure hold as well as a much nicer visual of plump edges when showing out of the pocket.

4. Which fold should you use?


If you’ve decided to go for a white square then definitely stick to the flat fold to give that nice crisp single white line across your dark suit pocket. There are a number of other nice sharp pointed folds you can choose to use for formal attire but personally I feel that a pocket square allows you a little fun and a point of difference in your otherwise formal outfit so I would opt for a simple yet very effective puff fold, especially if you have a patterned and colorful square that jumps against your jacket. Head over to the Rampley & Co site to find all our tips on how to fold a pocket square when it comes to that special day!

5. Is it something that will be treasured?


One of the most popular services requested from us for a wedding is to offer something truly bespoke. This could be taking an original image close to the groom’s heart to print onto a material of their choice (as above silk is often the chosen fabric here) or even getting details such as the date of the wedding hand embroidered onto the corner of the square. It’s often all about providing something so special and unique that the wedding party wants to hold onto it for years to come as a memento of the occasion, plus we even find clients continuing to use them on a day to day basis. What better way to get your best man and groomsmen to remember the day though than to have matching bespoke squares made for each of them with hand embroidered monogramming?

Fantastic tips from Rampley & Co! For more beautiful pocket squares be sure to visit their shop here.

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