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Yes, It’s Totally Okay to Ask Guests for Money for Your Wedding

Yes, It’s Totally Okay to Ask Guests for Money for Your Wedding Photo Credit:

If anyone hasn’t figured this out yet, we are HUGE Office fans over here. Pretty sure I’ve watched the series, in its entirety, like 50 times? No joke. It’s just the best, especially everything that transpires post Pam and Jim’s engagement (#couplegoals forever).

It might have been close to 10 years ago when the episode first aired, but Pam and Phyllis’s conversation about wedding registries (during season 6; episode 3) is still as relevant today as it was back then - maybe evennnn more relevant, TBH.

Pam, we see you girl, we totalllllly see you. 💸💸💸 is a gift that every couple can appreciate - whether you want to recoup some of your savings (wedding expenses can bleed you dry sometimes), rally some funds for an unforgettable honeymoon, or just start building up your post-nuptials nest egg 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻, ALL the dollars make total cents for why a cash ask is totally legit.

Our new Wedding Chicks Registry feature has a ton of benefits - check them all out - but our favorite is definitely the “Tasteful Cash Fund” hookup. It’s exactly what it sounds like, too, whereby you can ask for money for events , experiences , or just for a rainy day (maybe you literally want to “Create Your Own Cash Fund” and name it “Rainy Day Fund,” you can do that), really. And you don’t have to feel bad either, because your guests ultimately just want to get you something that you’ll enjoy and can put towards good use.

Like a honeymoon... or breakfast in bed for a few years?

Yes, It’s Totally Okay to Ask Guests for Money for Your Wedding Photo Credit:

Through our cash fund, you can allow multiple guests to contribute toward each cash fund in an amount that you choose OR that they would like to gift. The contributions are tracked in your registry and can then be transferred seamlessly to your bank account. It’s pretty amazing.

Now, of course, setting up a cash fund does come with a few caveats, but marriage does too, doesn’t it?
  • To register with us, you’ll need to provide some key identifying info. Due to strict governmental regulations, we are required to collect various pieces of information about our couples who receive cash gifts such as name, physical address, and date of birth. This information is only required when you add a bank account to your registry.

  • To set up a cash fund on our platform, there is a credit card processing fee (every cash or honeymoon registry has it). You have the option of covering the 2.99% processing fee for all contributions yourself OR you can roll it into the amount your guests contribute, essentially as an additional charge.

  • To withdrawal any of your funds, you’ll need to wait approx. 7 days for the transfer to go through. We get it, you might want that $$$$ to offset your honeymoon or even specific wedding costs (your photographer? rentals? Even wedding shoes?? You’ll obvi need to take care of these expenses well before your wedding), so it can suck to wait. But 7 days is super quick; once you redeem cash funds from your gift tracker, you’ll feel like you blinked and then there was money waiting to be spent.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve already included in our cash fund cache, but like we said above, you can make your fund super custom… you know for that pre-parenting puppy you’ve been dreaming about 🐶. 

Yes, It’s Totally Okay to Ask Guests for Money for Your Wedding Photo Credit:

  • Bedroom Remodel (worth $1000) - if you’re already thinking about that hot married sex, that is
  • Drinks with Friends (valued at $100) - for when you just need a break from wedding planning
  • New Kitchen Table (worth $300) - you might not like any of the ones you find on a classic home registry
  • Art for your House (valued at $500) - decor FTW always
  • Stock the Bar Fund (worth $300) - a reason to have another party!
  • Wedding Rentals (valued at $700) - so you want that luxe outdoor lounge for the wedding… get it, we’ll back you up on that!

Yes, It’s Totally Okay to Ask Guests for Money for Your Wedding Photo Credit:

Oh! And money is major, but our cash fund registry is also complemented by traditional tangible gifts, too - so that you can create the most well-rounded wedding registry (as unique as your love!).... Your parents’ friends will want to know you have one for them to buy from, for sure. REGISTER AND START YOURS NOW!!!! 

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