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Win At Wedding Gifting With a Present That’s Straight-Up Dreamy

Win At Wedding Gifting With a Present That’s Straight-Up Dreamy

Who else has ever wondered what to give the happy couple for their wedding day? Because, sure, money will always be well received, but what if you want to switch things up and go with something tangible instead of a direct deposit? We have been there. We see you. And we’re about to give you the best piece of gifting advice you will ever get: anything to make their bedroom cozier and more restful, including bedding and pillows is destined to be adored. We know, because there probably isn’t a single person out there who doesn’t enjoy sleep. And newlyweds need lots of it once they’ve closed the wedding planning chapter of their lives and start getting cozy in the next chapter, marriage. When you’re ready to buy them #somethingnew, look no further than Bedsure.

Here’s why bedroom comforts are king (or queen or twin)—lights out! 

Extras are amazing

Bedding (sheets, duvets, comforters, pillow cases, etc.) is something that everyone likes to have in multiples. Seriously, correct us if we’re wrong, but one of the most irritating things in the world is getting ready to wash your sheets and covers and then realizing you don’t have an extra, clean set to sub in. It’s actually maddening and a totally-universal experience, too, so you can be the superhero here with a gift that they’ll always be happy to have on hand.

Function usually outranks fashion

Yes, a bed that’s perfectly dressed does have its merits in the aesthetics department, but 9 out of 10 people would probably choose a comfier bed over a more handsome one. When it comes to picking a set out for a wedding present, then, you don’t have to worry all too much that you’re getting something counter to their tastes and personal style. As long as it’s cozy and infinitely sleep-inducing, then you’ve done your job! 

Win At Wedding Gifting With a Present That’s Straight-Up Dreamy

*Bedsure checks the boxes on both, though, with bedding that’s as snuggle-worthy as it is stylish. Just to clear that up!

Better sleep means happier wake-ups

It’s true, one of the biggest pearls of wedded-bliss wisdom is ‘to never go to bed angry.’ Now, while you can’t exactly guarantee that the couple will be argument and gripe-free for the duration of their marriage (hah! If only, right?!), you can ensure that when their heads hit their pillows, they’re off to dreamland in the highest of spirits.

A good night’s rest and beneficial beauty sleep—resulting in soft and silky skin and smooth and shiny hair come morning—well, it’s a beautiful thing.

Here are two of our favorite gifts to give from Bedsure

Cotton Waffle Weave Duvet Cover
  • 100% cotton waffle weave top and cotton percale weave backing
  • Soft, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable
  • Available in three sizes and seven colors (like we said, you can never have enough, so you can switch your shade whenever the mood strikes: coconut white, green, gray, khaki, navy blue, orange, pink)
  • Set includes one duvet cover and two pillowcases
  • Duvet cover includes eight ties to hold the duvet in place

Win At Wedding Gifting With a Present That’s Straight-Up Dreamy

A long-lasting set = a long-lasting partnership

“I really recommend this bed set! It is 100% cotton, which really mattered to me, because it means over time it won’t wear down with washes. It feels very thick; it almost reminds me of hotel bedding. The color is a bit off-white, which is nice since bright white can be a little intimidating. It has ties on the inside and hidden buttons to close. Overall 10/10 product.” ~ Rodriguez

100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask
  • 22 momme, 100% mulberry silk (super high quality, natural, and breathable)
  • Soft and smooth with an attractive sheen
  • Helps keep skin soft (locks in moisture) and hair untangled (less knots and matting)
  • Includes one silk pillowcase and one silk eye mask (in matching colors)
  • Available in two sizes and five colors (black, champagne, cream white, pink, and silver gray - perfect neutrals for a modern bedroom)

Win At Wedding Gifting With a Present That’s Straight-Up Dreamy

Feeling good as hell = A happier start to each day

“I like this pillow case. It’s slick, but sturdy. I have wavy hair that gets curly in the back. My hair gets tangled easily and this pillow case really helps. It’s stiff up to several washings already with no complaints. The eye cover is a bonus - it feels cool and relaxing.” ~ Momstra 

With a gift like this/these, you’ve made their bed and they’re going to LOVE lying in it. Shop Bedsure now and learn about more of their home-perfecting collection of products.


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