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What to Get the Bride to Celebrate Her New Soon-to-Be Mrs. Status

What to Get the Bride Because She Probably Won’t Buy It Herself

We’ve officially crossed over into bridal shower season, and brides everywhere will be eager to see what their mamas, sisters, aunts, cousins, besties, colleagues, etc. put together for them. I know I was psyched when my bridal shower finally came around, because my crew kind of kept me in the dark, in the spirit of surprise. The bride knows she’s a bride, she loves her status, and from the time she gets engaged, she’s already thinking about what her name will look like with a Mrs. in front of it. Yet, it’s one of those things where she can embrace her bride-hood, but only to a certain point before she starts feeling weird about it. That’s why we love Wedding Favorites. This online shop, inspired by all things “I Do,” has an awesome assortment of bride gifts that every girl getting married should happily put on all their friends’ radars. Just in case they need a few ideas 😉.

So, she probably already has a “Soon to Be Mrs.” mug; that’s one of the first things a bride gets when she’s got a new ring on her finger. But then there are all the other things that she’ll want to legitimize her off-the-market mood, and her girlfriends can go in on all these things as a group. For real, once your best friend becomes a bride, you have some work to do. And that means gathering the ladies together for brunch, talking about ways you can help with all the planning she has ahead of her, and then going over a game plan for what gifts you can surprise her with along the way.

One person gets the bride clutch, another gets the bride tote bag and beach hat, MOH gets her bride pajamas and getting ready robe, mama gets her bride swim cover and sleep mask, and by the time she’s ready to get married, she’ll have a bride collection to rule them all.

And as for why she needs them?
  1. Being a bride is a special time in a woman’s life. Hopefully, she’ll only do it once, so why shouldn’t she live it up when she has the chance?

  2. She’s going to need something(s) to differentiate her from the rest of the tribe when she goes on her bachelorette. She’ll get excited about getting her “bride’s babes” stuff, but when it comes to getting herself something cute, she’ll shrug it off and say she doesn’t need it. #shedoes

  3. The photossss. Because without pics, was she even a bride? On the morning of her wedding, she’s definitely going to want her bridal emblems on display for the cutesy “marrying my best friend in T-minus X hours” shots. But TBH, she probably has enough stuff already on her plate to remember and/or would prefer spending money on her shoes, or hair and makeup, or bridal lingerie. The other stuff is total friends-get territory.

So, if you’re reading this, and you’re part of a bride wolf pack - put the names of all these gifts into a hat, and each of you pick one out to purchase. She’ll appreciate it ALL!

Bride Denim Jacket

What to Get the Bride Because She Probably Won’t Buy It Herself

These make the perfect gift for the bride-to-be at her bridal shower - printed with either Mrs. or Bride - she can use it on her wedding day and honeymoon too! Each denim jacket comes printed with a white floral silhouette and bridal wording written in pretty script vinyl.

Bridal Hair Pins

What to Get the Bride Because She Probably Won’t Buy It Herself

Hello bachelorette party hair (or even boarding her honeymoon plane hair)! Each metal hair pin comes with clear rhinestones and is available in three different styles - BRIDE, MRS or BABE. We love these to throw in the bridal wishing well at her shower! 

Bridal Pom Pom Swimsuit Cover

What to Get the Bride Because She Probably Won’t Buy It Herself

This cover up is the perfect addition to any bachelorette weekend! Each swim cover comes printed with either white for bride or black with babe in a pretty script and a floral silhouette on the backside. The beach can’t be bound without them (yes, we were including that boho straw tote, too!)

Personalized Boater Hat

Personalized boater hats make a cute gift for the bride-to-be to take on her honeymoon or wear to her bachelorette weekend. Each khaki straw hat comes with a black bow band and is personalized with a name or word in a pretty script vinyl. You can choose to have a cute heart added to the end of her last name, too - although not all letters work to be attached to the heart. 

Personalized Sleep Mask 

What to Get the Bride Because She Probably Won’t Buy It Herself

A personalized sleep mask is everything for a bride waking up on her bachelorette weekend or the first morning she rises in paradise on her honeymoon. Each soft satin nylon mask comes in black, white, or blush with a contrasting trim, an adjustable strap, and is personalized in the text color of your choice.

Wedding Sleep Shirt

This bride sleep shirt is the perfect thing for her to wear as a getting ready outfit for her wedding day. Each button down shirt is made of a soft modal cotton and comes in white, pink, or black with a contrasting trim. Shirts are printed with the bridal party title of your choice on the front pocket, so who knows, she might even be buying YOU one and returning the favor!

Floral Robe - Spring Rose

What to Get the Bride Because She Probably Won’t Buy It Herself

Is there anything more appropriate for a bride to wear right before she steps into her wedding gown? Nope!! This delicate robe comes in a pretty rose floral pattern and has a scallop bottom, with a matching belt for the outside. It's SO PRETTY!

Mrs. Clutch Purse

(See photo ☝️☝️☝️) 

A clutch with the bride’s future last name makes such an adorable gift that she can use on her honeymoon or for her wedding reception, too. Each acrylic crossbody purse comes with a removable chain and is printed with "Mrs." in pretty gold script vinyl lettering. You can add her last name following the Mrs. for an additional charge. Purses come with a clasp closure and gold hardware (THE BEST!).

Super cute, right? And so is this!!!

Our readers get 15 percent off their order with code “WC15.” If every girl in the group takes advantage, that’s a wholeeee lotta savings! Shop now!



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