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What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party

What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party

Is it wrong that I’m currently not involved in ANY weddings this year (aside from being a guest) and yet I’m still thinking about wearing my “Bride Squad” suit the next time I go swimming? Granted, I’m 5 months pregnant, and I wouldn’t fit, like at all, but I loved that bathing suit - I loved how my 🍑 looked, and I felt sassy AF. That’s the thing about well-made, pretty, fun bachelorette wear; you don’t have to wear it once and then retire it to the back of your closet, you should want to wear it again. Jcubedk, the Washington D.C.-based bachelorette and wedding wear gurus, subscribes to that way of thinking and they’ve been killing it in with their cheeky t-shirts, tanks, tumblers, towels, and more since 2014. We tapped them to get a forecast on the best apparel for bach season 2019, and we legit need to have ALL OF IT.

BUT AHEAD of our faves, here’s why the MOH should step up:
  1. She probs knows best about what’ll be happening on the bach weekend, so she can plan accordingly - will it be a sombrero-wearing Mexican vacay, and therefore “no siesta let’s fiesta” will be so appro? Will it be a Nash bash only to be memorialized by mentions of boots and bling… before the ring?

  2. She’ll be stressed about making the weekend epic already, so she should have some comic relief. Let’s get flocked up? C’mon couldn’t be cuter.

  3. She’ll want the next-best looking ensem next to the bride herself. Duh. If she’s the one doing the ordering, she can guarantee she’ll have her own MOH call out / and not just be one of the squad sisters... not that that's a bad thing, either.  

Let’s be honest, bachelorette shirts are one of the best keepsakes you can have from a sister, best friend, cousin, colleague’s wedding (even more so than the wedding favor itself, because by show of hands, who’s successfully repurposed a bottle opener into the best pajama nightshirt around? Bet you haven’t!). My sister’s “Let’s Get Nauti” tank from her bachelorette cruise last year is still one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear as a bathing suit cover up, to binge watch Netflix in with PJ pants and slippers, and go to sleep in (free boobing it and all). Yes, it was a fantastic trip, we all had an awesome time - and we’ll never forget it, because we have commemorative cotton couture to keep reminding us!

What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party

Why Jcubedk just owns this space.

This Etsy shop has made nearly 10,000 sales and time after time gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings - not only is Jen - the owner - and her team always game for customization (so, bridesmaids, extra points for creativity), they rock at wedding wordsmithing, and their designs don’t just stop at cute, they’re equally comfy and ridiculously recyclable.

What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party

Here’s what some fans have said…

“These shirts were incredibly comfortable and turned out amazing for the bachelorette party! The sellers were more than welcome to accommodate a large group order and were very prompt with their responses. I will for sure use them again!!"

“Well made and shipped so fast! Definitely appreciate them for helping make our bachelorette party that much more fun!”

“To go along with my husband’s shirt, I just had to order "The wife of the party" for myself! It shipped quickly and upon trying it on after it arrived, I fell in love with how soft the fabric is! Together, they both have a very fun look to them, can't wait to seize the moment when we have them both on!”

“These turned out perfectly! They are a more unisex fit; however, the soft material makes for nice comfort and the color options make for great style. Jen and her team were easy to communicate with and very accommodating of any special requests!”

What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party

Not just for brides and babes, either.

My husband went to his friend’s bachelor party in Louisville, KY at the end of March, and I was sooo shocked to see him come back from the trip with THE MOST comfortable baseball tee in the world (creatively designed with a “Victor’s Gelding” reference - guys can be funny, too). I’ve pretty much stolen it for myself at this point, sorry babe. But in any case, Jcubedk does shirts and accessories for the groom and his guys, too. And they’re lowkey and tasteful, for the men who rarely feel like being extra…

If you’re working on bachelor/bachelorette plans RN, definitely pay Jcubedk a visit. The stuff (which includes gifts like mugs and travel wine tumblers) is so fun and truly the best kept secret for all those likes on Insta post-party. Shop now!

What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party


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We partnered with Jcubedk to bring you all the tips for your bridal shower and bachelorette! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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