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The #1 Reason You Haven’t Gotten Around to Making Your Wedding Album Yet

Create your wedding album from Mixbook You know what we’re always surprised about when we hear about couples finally getting their wedding photos back from the photographer? That the photos are still taking up space in an online gallery, on their phones, or as permanent spots in their social feeds—BUT they haven’t been added to a wedding photo album yet. The photos are likely some if not THE most important pics you’ve taken thus far in your life, so they’re not just worthy of your nightly phone scrolls, they’re meant for something more: a starring spot in a gorgeous Mixbook wedding photo book. We caught up with our friends on staff, and couldn’t believe (well, actually, maybe we could) just how many of us were still procrastinating when it came to putting together a wedding album. So, we thought about ways to remedy the situation, and came up with this. A good wedding photo book can’t be created without inspiration. Once the inspiration is there, though, the creative energy is about to explode. Bonus! Mixbook is offering Wedding Chicks a discount code. Scroll down to see the offering. Create Your MixBook Photo Book

Why is inspo so essential?

Because let’s be honest, you’ve already had the big event. You’re married. You’ve committed to your favorite person ever, and you’re locked in for life. You got to dine on the delicious cuisine, drink the drinks, listen to the speeches by your other favorite people, dance the dances, cut the cake, and party into the night (hopefully with a major trip on the docket for a few days later #ahoneymoontakestheedgeoffthatnextmorninghangover). And now it’s done. You might not even want to look back at the snaps of the day at the risk of getting depressed and wedding blue all over again. Inspiration; however, will help launch you into “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” mode, and you’ll be able to look through all of the memories from the day and turn that frown upside down. You can do it with Mixbook, an award-winning, easy-to-use online design tool that provides unrivaled creative freedom and limitless design choices for you to transform your favorite moments [from that best day ever] into meaningful personalized photo books (or cards or calendars or wall art). The platform is crazy addictive, and once you get the green light to go loco with the professional photos you couldn’t WAIT to get back from your photographer, you’re going to lose yourself—in the best way possible. You’ll slip down a little “Genius at work” black hole and emerge once you’ve assembled the most amaze artifact from your wedding day. And we promise, you won’t be there long, because you’ll have so many tools and tips at your disposal. 960x1200 1 Family_wedding

Your day was one-of-a-kind

So, treat is as such, and find a template that honors your personal style and all the aesthetic details of your day Mixbook has five incredible design categories to map back to the wedding vibes that made your heart melt:
  • Modern - simple and minimal designs that let you story shine
  • Elegant - soft florals, simple lines, and handwritten fonts that elevate your wedding day ambiance
  • Botanical - rich florals and lush, watercolor greenery that highlights the day you put down roots
  • Whimsical - dreamy, ornate patterns that bring some fantasy and magic to your fairytale IRL
  • Bohemian - eclectic and organic for two souls that became one in the iconic words “we do”
Mixbook Photo Album Every love story and life together is unique…

Every love story and life together is unique…

So, Mixbook offers a selection of archival-quality wedding books that perfectly suits the chemistry and connection of every couple. The brand has more sizes and paper types that include an ultra-premium option for that wow-factor that’ll have mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, ALL the friends and fam, really, showering you with “It’s just SO good” praise. Available in thick or ultra-thick papers with two finishes– matte or lustre. Signature Matte Lay Flat: Thick pages with a smooth, elevated non-glare finish, for your special day. Signature Lustre Lay Flat: Thick pages with lustrous color clarity for magical moments. Lays flat, with a low glare finish. Premium Matte Lay Flat: Ultra-thick pages for keepsake-worthy days. Lays flat with a non-glare, fingerprint-proof finish. Premium Lustre Lay Flat: Ultra-thick pages for unforgettable stories. Lays flat, lustrous, low glare finish and superior clarity. The actual wedding best. MixBook Photo Album

And the inspo we love the most?

That would be the beautiful sentiments written into the templates Mixbook’s templates include motivating words to encourage your photo selection. From simple “Getting Ready” references to more heartening quotes like “You are my today and all of my tomorrows,” you’ll get the stirring feels you need to drag and drop your favorite photos. These, too.
  • Color Picker tool - one of our favorite tools in the Mixbook Editor. The Color Picker Tool can create custom colors pulled from photos or images
  • Text Tools - you have the ability to make text stand out by adding custom background colors and borders
  • Photo Effects - you can customize photos using filters, brightness, saturation, borders, and more
  • Fonts - Mixbook has more than 200 different font variations allowing you to uniquely pair fonts with your images
  • Spine and Notes - you can personalize the title on the spine or add a gift note to the Title Page (if you’re gifting a wedding book to your parents or VIP guests).

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