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The Elusive Guestbook!


We called on our friend and fabulous wedding consultant Stephanie Lairson to give us a little advice about the guest book.
Stephanie says: You want a book that is both a record of your guests in addition to being a fabulous keepsake. Here are some great options:


The Traditional Album Jenni Bick Bookbinding is the home of one of a kind handmade books. They carry journals, albums and scrapbooks galore. They are also able to make custom silk bound albums with personalized designs.

The Polaroid GuestbookI know this may be too done, but there is just something about a Polaroid camera at a wedding that gets people excited. I see it time and time again they just love having their pictures taken, taking other people's pictures and seeing the immediate outcome. It's a throwback don't you just love clicking that button and seeing your picture flick out the front? Adesso Albums is the king of Polaroid guestbooks! They have many colors even leather to choose from. It's also a one stop shopping order the book, camera and film together.

Guest PagesMy personal favorite is the Guestbook Store. Each guest gets a page they are able to complete at any time during the wedding. These pages prompt guests with questions like:
What is your favorite memory of the bride? Any advice for the newlyweds? They also get to draw a picture of themselves or the bride and groom. Too fun!
{You can also see Stephanie here in our directory.}

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