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The Best Wedding Photo Books For Every Budget

The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly

Trust us, you are going to want a physical copy of all your wedding photos.  Sure, having them on your computer or a memory stick is nice, but it's not the same. So, take our advice and order a wedding album! Truly allow your wedding memories to last forever! 

You can easily order your wedding album from The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly. When we say easy, we mean it's really really easy. We built 3 different wedding albums a professional flush mount album, a premium photo book, and an 10x10 photo book – to experience the entire process. Read on to hear our thoughts and discover the best photo albums for every budget from The Wedding Shop. We partnered with The Wedding Shop in order to bring you this post. Scroll down to see all your options and learn how to make RAINBOW LAYER CAKE BELOW. 

wedding photo albums from Shutterfly

lots of styles

Once you start designing your wedding album you will discover that The Wedding Shop has a wide range of wedding photo albums that will fit any style. It was super simple to personalize our album. They offer hard photo covers with metallic accents and die-cut covers in cloth, leather or linen as well as soft cover photo books. We also loved that they had a ton of on-trend templates and backgrounds so that we were able to add in things like where we met, our love story and important dates. 

Not only are their wedding albums fabulously stylish, but they will fit any budget. You'll see that we do list the prices, but take into account that The Wedding Shop always has promotions going on in order for you to save. For instance, when we built our wedding albums, there was a 48% off regular priced items special running with free shipping.

High-Quality Wedding Albums

We personally wanted to design a photo album that was incredibly attractive and warranted a spot on our coffee table allowing our friends and family to pick up our wedding photo album and enjoy it while relaxing on the couch.

The Wedding Shop delivered this and more. Our coffee table book of choice is their new professional flush mount album. This is the priciest wedding album The Wedding Shop offers and well worth it. The pages are ultra thick and the print quality is outstanding. The album starts at $324, but don't forget they are always running specials.

The pages were crazy thick and could take the wear and tear of being picked up over and over again. With double-thick, lay flat pages, our pretty pages did not get bent or torn. We also appreciated the true spread pages, giving all those photos the details they deserve. True spread allows photographs to span across the binding of the book, covering both pages. It's quite beautiful.

Shutterfly professional flush mount album

leather photo album from Shutterfly

fabulous packaging 

After we designed our wedding albums, they arrived freaky fast. Within a few business days, all the photo albums had arrived and were packaged beautifully.

We're a sucker for packing and The Wedding Shop nailed it. If you don't feel like displaying your wedding album all year long, store it neatly in this thick black box with the Shutterfly logo embossed on the front.

The photo album above and below is their premium photo book. You'll be able to select from genuine leather or an ivory crushed silk cover. You can also opt to make it a hard photo cover as well. An 8 X 8 premium photo book starts at $114.99!

Shutterfly designed photo album.

design services

Just want it done and delivered? The Wedding Shop also offers Make My Book™ an expert designer will create your album for you within days of your request.

If you order the professional flush mount album the service is free. For the premium photo books and standard hardcover books, it is an additional $9.99 for the design service. All you have to do is upload your photos and they'll take care of the rest. Incredibly easy!

Shutterfly will design your photobooks for you thick pages on Shutterfly photo albums

Shutterfly wedding albums

easily design your own book

While we enjoy someone doing it for us, we thoroughly enjoyed designing the wedding albums and as we stated above it was so easy.

If you're interested in creating and designing your own wedding album, The Wedding Shop has supportive tools and templates to help you easily add photos and text. It was so much fun laying out the photos and adding the overlays.

wedding photo albums from Shutterfly ultra thick pages on the Shutterfly photo books

We made an engagement photo album book using one of their pre-designed templates- Wedding Collection: Engagement. It was so fun and a breeze to make and allowed us to input the entire pre-wedding story from how they met to the proposal.

We designed our proposal album using the standard hardcover book that starts at $29.99. These would also make a great engagement gift.

personalized proposal photo book from Shutterfly personalized proposal photo book from Shutterfly

personalized mason jar mughs

Besides their high quality, ultra custom wedding photo books, The Wedding Shop also has a wide variety of custom products and gifts like these super cute personalized mason jars that say - Home is Wherever I'm With You and then the couple's names. Peruse all their personalized products here.

Don't feel like having your wedding photo book on display? Don't fret, we still think you should have a wedding album to remember your special day. Pull it out on your wedding anniversary, sip sparkling rosé, eat rainbow cake and create a new lifetime tradition.


Rainbow Wedding Cake

Want to bake a rainbow cake for your wedding anniversary while you peruse your wedding album? We wanted one and ended up making four cakes in order to make the perfect rainbow cake.

In order to avoid all the trial and error, read on to see how we perfected our Rainbow Cake. First off you're going to need a few supplies and then read on for all of my tips on making a rainbow cake.

1. Layering Pans
2. Egg Whites
3. Pure White Cake
4. Food Coloring
5. Fluffy Frosting
6. Cake Leveler

Tip #1
The first key is to purchase a bright white cake mix! Also, eggs whites instead of real eggs. Otherwise, the batter will take on a yellowish hue.

Tip #2
The other main product you'll need is the layering pans. You can use one cake box mix for all layers which is soooooo nice. 

Tip #3
The second thing that I learned was that you need to buy the fancy food coloring like this one.  The regular food colors are not that exciting and definitely not as bright. Again I made 4 cakes. 

Tip #4
Once you mix up your cake mix pour the mix into your layering pans and then add 4 drops of food coloring to each pan and then mix. Doing it this way was a lot simpler than having five separate bowls. 

Tip #5
You'll also need a cake leveler, otherwise, the cake will be lopsided. It was really easy to slice the tops off and make the cake level.

Tip #6
Baking time is way less. Bake the cake for 18 minutes, you'll see that they do not state baking times anywhere.

Tip #7
You'll need lots of frosting! In fact, double whatever recipe you are making our buy 3 cartons. Frosting 5 layers takes a lot of frosting. 

Although I have a lot of tips making a rainbow cake was super simple, almost as simple as designing my own wedding album. 


As you can see The Wedding Shop offers low-cost, yet high-quality photo book options that will allow you the opportunity to capture your love story in a beautiful photo book and enjoy it together whenever. This post was sponsored by The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly. Discover everything you need to create, share and remember your big day, all in one place.

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