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The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

When you’re planning a wedding, there are sooo many things to decide on that you really always need to come to some sort of ‘common ground.’ One of you might prefer band A, while the other prefers band B; one of you might like the idea of rustic, family-style dining for your reception, while the other might be dead set on an extended cocktail hour with a plethora of small bites, tray-passed for hours. One of you might be pumped to discuss the potential for an after-party, while the other might want to bid everyone adieu and then make the most of the bridal suite for the rest of the night. Your wedding gift wish list, though, doesn’t have to be a compromise - you can, but don’t have to decide on one concept for dinnerware that you’ll need to love for the rest of time. Instead, you can add items to your list that let you be your own people. We won’t say that it’s a foolproof way to ensure your happily ever after has staying power, but there is something to be said for being able to enjoy your favorite things the way you like them. Like toast, right Revolution Cooking? For better or for worse, for lighter toast or for darker, both are good, in fact, striking a balance is ideal!

We rounded up some of the best gift ideas that feature multiple settings and highlight customization for couples with different tastes (literally and figuratively!). From pillows that promise the best sleep ever for every kind of sleeper (regardless of your sleeping styles, you will be sharing a bed, so make it count, right?!) to a smart toaster that lets you tailor the toast marks on your morning slice, these picks for presents are heads - or should we say breads - above the rest.

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

Pluto Pillows 

Matching pillows for your bedroom sanctuary, it’s a nice thought, for sure, but sleep isn’t a perfect science. We all toss and turn, we all sleep better at precise room temperatures, we all like our pillows a certain way. So, why do we need to put all of our sleep preferences to bed, just for the sake of a pretty Insta picture captioned with some kind of #WhereTheMagicHappens hype? 

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Pluto Pillows are the first and only custom sleep pillows, personalized with your body stats, how you sleep best, and what you like most. They leverage data and a lot of real-life feedback (via upfront qualifying questionnaires) to craft a pillow that’s right for you. Actually, right for you both. The pillows are all a modular design, crafted from a solid foam core, encased within an outer plus pillow. The core’s height and properties (density and additives), all depend on your answers. Similarly, the fibers in the outer cover vary in thickness and quantity from one pillow to another. And if you find yourself getting overheated at night, you can add even more cooling fibers to your pillow surface. Pluto’s patent-pending process involves materials that can combine for over 35 different configurations. This way, you’ll never have to go to bed OR wake up angry. Seriously, ever again.

👉🛏️ Personalize your pillows

KEURIG® K-Supreme Plus® SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker

Why do we all prefer going out for coffee in the morning? Because we can get what we want, customized exactly to our liking. You might like yours piping hot, but mellow in strength, your S.O. might like theirs warm, but bold enough to embrace the uniqueness of the beans. You might be happy with a smaller cup a couple of times a day, but your partner might only need one super tall cup to keep them going for the day. 

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With this brand-new Smart Brewer, you can make and enjoy a perfectly-customized cup of rich, full-flavored coffee - with your blend of specifications, every single time. It’s equipped with a proprietary BrewID that recognizes the brand and roast of the pod you put in and automatically tweaks the brew settings to ensure it reaches the full flavor potential that the coffee roasting expert who created it envisioned. You can choose from 5 different strengths, 6 different temperatures, and 5 cup size settings, and get them queued up in your smartphones - so not a morning, afternoon, or evening goes by without you getting your caffeine fix just the way you want and need to have it.

👉☕ Personalize what’s in your cup

Revolution InstaGLO® R180 Toaster

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

If breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, then it stands to reason that it should be the most tailored meal of the day. So, maybe that means just-amber brown toast with jam for you and a burned, but not-quite-bitter bagel for your best friend. Long story short: Great partnerships mean you let your other half have the half they want, even if it doesn’t match your level of toasty perfection (mine’s a 3 or a 4, depending on how melty I want my butter to be, but you do you!). 

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

Revolution Cooking technology is a patented heating system that offers a faster, hotter, more consistent and precise heating experience, locking in moisture and flavor. It is faster than conventional toasters and uses less energy. Smart algorithms calculate optimal toast time based on food type, delivering toast exactly the way you like it every time, even from frozen. That’s not an exaggeration, either; the InstaGLO R180 features 63 precise settings, tailorable in 3 easy taps, for the perfect level of toastyness (and no double toasting needed - as a recovering double toaster, who burns close to 7 out of 10 toaster waffles, without fail, this is a game changer).

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

And that beautiful interactive touch screen brings an end to analog browning dials. Even if your partner likes their pastries dark, you can have yours light - every toast session wipes the slate clean! And you will, too - peep that "Time to clean" crumb tray reminder…

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

👉🍞Personalize your toast

Away Travel Carry-Ons

You don’t know someone until you’ve gone on a trip together. Arewerite? Seriously, until you see your partner pack a carry-on or suitcase, you can’t say you have their M.O. in life all figured out. Do you use your carry-on for in-case precautions (toothbrush and toothpaste, a pair of underwear, a bathing suit, a change of clothes, and a pair of flip flops) or for extras and accessories that you might even feel you need more than the essentials stowed away in your checked luggage? 

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Away’s carry-on suitcase is sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines, and is compact enough for train and car trips alike. With a durable polycarbonate hard shell and 360° spinner wheels that ensure a smooth ride, this suitcase is built to last. Plus, its interior compression system and hidden laundry bag make packing that much easier. And the ejectable USB charger is expressly made for emergencies, when your phone’s battery is running on fumes and you don’t want to plug into the power kiosks at the gate (that germ spreading potential is real, regardless of COVID high-alert cautions).

But what we love the most is Away’s Bigger Carry-On. With some extra room, it’s a much better fit for longer trips or more prepared-for-anything packers 🙋‍♀️. It’s luggage, but it’s made to work for you and whatever you need to do to feel ready for take-off.

👉🧳 Personalize the way you pack

Boll & Branch Bath Towels 

You may subscribe to a “towel is a towel is a towel” mentality, or you may be normal. Hah just kidding! But really, here at Wedding Chicks, we just can’t come around on the notion that all bath towels are on perfectly on-par when it comes to their softness, absorbency, and overall post-shower points of interest. You may love a softer, more plush towel to cuddle up into after you’ve hopped out of the tub, while your partner may prefer something a little more textured and quick-drying. You don’t have to go with one towel collection, because it matches the aesthetics of your bathrooms more. Trying a few different towels on for size is the best way to guarantee your bathing routines always end with spa-worthy levels of satisfaction. 

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With Boll & Branch’s four separate and distinct towel collections, you can mix and match for all the right reasons (not just to create a cohesive bathroom look). Cotton Tile or Plush? Spa or Waffle Terry? Each is uniquely crafted with 100% organic cotton for a superior hand feel and all are made with the highest standards of care. So, really, it’s up to each of your own personal drying dreams.

👉🛁 Personalize those post-shower feels

Newair Freestanding Freestanding 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge in Stainless Steel and Adjustable Racks

Not to say that every wine drinker has to have a favorite vintage, but for the most part, you can either classify yourself a red, white, or sparkling enthusiast. Maybe your S.O. likes to swirl around a goblet of Malbec, while you need a crisp Chardonnay - only one way - with an ice cube. Neither of you should have to compromise on the integrity of your sips. Reds should be warmer, whites should be cooler, but both should be top notch in flavor. 

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A dual-zone wine cooler is the best way to do it. The quiet, powerful compressor keeps wine at the perfect temperature between 41 and 64 degrees, while the double-paned glass and exterior thermostat controls help keep in the cold for efficient operation. Dual zones accommodate ANY type of wine, so you can store your collection to perfection. This fridge is equipped with removable racks that help to provide customized storage for up to 28 standard bottles, plus the sleek stainless-steel design looks great in any room of the house - whether you’ve got an accompanying bar cart or not.

👉🍷Personalize your pours

Remember, with your wedding vows you’re making a promise to love each other forever. So, if you can make living with your love that much easier, then by all means, do what you need to do!

Don’t be afraid to ask for the things that let both of you live your best lives!

The Best Wedding Gift Wishes Celebrate Your Differences

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