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The Best Gifts to Remember Your Bachelorette By

People, Places & Things Gift Glassware with Important Places

Okay, when you’re the bride, you’re going to get a lot of gifts - post-proposal gifts, engagement party gifts, bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, it’s basically a present parade ALL THE TIME 😍😍😍 ((you’ve already got the best gift of all, though, that 💍 - kidding, your person, you have your person)). But, there are a few times when it’ll be your turn to do the giving. And your bachelorette is one of those times! Sure, every girl loves her own bottle of rosé, temporary tattoos, and a pair of pjs hashtagged with a cute nickname on her tush, #basicandbeautiful, but what she’ll really appreciate is a gift that makes her remember the people who were there and the places where it all happened! We got some hints from People, Places & Things - the VIPs behind the modern gift boutique that celebrates the whos, wheres, and whats in your life - and they’re pretty spot-on, so make sure you read on...

If you didn’t bach somewhere cool, did it even happen?

Yes, of course it did. But, these days brides are going balls to the wall on their bachelorette plans, and choosing some of the best spots in the world AND here in the US of A to party for their last fling before the ring. And we’re here for it. Always. So, whether you pick Palm Springs for a colorful, desert floral funtime, Nashville for an epic music-city celebration or the Hamptons for a preppy winery-crawl weekend, you probs won’t be able to stop yourself from bragging about your bachelorette whereabouts before, during, and even after it’s all over (for sureeee when it’s over, the post-bach blues are real).

People, Places & Things Tinted Metallic Glassware

This is why you’ll want to gift your gang with something that’ll take them right back to the raging [or relaxing, just as good] that happened when you were in X, Y, or Z. A forever #TBT token. People, Places & Things has some awesome collections of glassware, candles, mugs, and tea towels that do just that!

We’re obsessed with their local pride drinkware, featuring the places that brides are loving the most for their bachelorettes RN - like any of their city-inspired rock glasses or their tinted-metallic sets of 4, especially if you maxed out your weekend with sunrises, sunsets, surf, and sun


Include a destination-digs-it drink recipe printed out on some creative card stock, like a Miami mojito or a whisky cocktail if you’re kickin it in Kansas City.

Need some help ideating? 👉The PP&T crew has sooo many ideas for you. Seriously, I had to go through at least 20 of the rock glass descriptions, just so that I could read the wonderful wordsmithing they came up with. 

People, Places & Things Tea Towels Mugs and Candles

But really, it was all about your squad, arewerite?

Yes, location certainly matters, but who mattered the most? The people who were there to celebrate with you, obvi! Your bridesmaids, besties, work friends, fam all took time out of their schedules to share this milestone with you, so treat them to something that shows just how much you appreciate and adore them, and how much peace, love, and happiness they bring into your life.

Whether you do it with a tea towel, a mug, or a candle, you’ll inevitably show that you care. A hell of a lot!

And since we’re all about women helping women

As of this Giving Tuesday, People, Places & Things is donating 15 percent from every purchase of their Peace, Love & Happiness Collection to The Downtown Women’s Center, the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women who are currently homeless/or have experienced homelessness in the past. 🙌 🙌 🙌


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We partnered with People, Places & Things to share these personalized presents with you and your crew. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!