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Target Helps Us Recreate Our Favorite Drink Stations

sangeria bar

From the engagement soiree to the fling before the ring, the parties will be non stop. In order to plan the perfect event, you’re going to need to a few goodies; luckily you can hit up Target as your one stop shop. They have everything you’ll need to plan your event on any budget, including that perfect bridal shower gift – like these Love Design mason jars. Every party requires a refreshment station. We suggest always having three beverages. Provide at least one water, and two of your favorite drinks or cocktails to personalize the station. We’ve rounded up our favorite drink stations to share with you, and made it easy to replicate them with only a few things.

love mason jars

Sangria Bar

Our first drink station idea comes from kojo-designs. They designed a sensational sangria bar that you could easily recreate for your wedding, or up and coming celebration. You can pick up almost everything you need for this festive drink station at Target.

1. striped straws | 2. mason jars | 3. cake stand | 4. glass jar | 5. chevron table cloth | 6. square vases | 7. serving spoon | 8. cork screw | 9. ice bucket | 10. Smoothie Blender | 11. ladle

bucket filled with beer

easy drink station idea

Using a bucket and filling it with ice and drinks is a fun and easy idea, you can put you and your partners favorite drink to personalize the bucket. Put anything from beer to soda in it. You could even put in coffee drinks. Yum! Beer Bucket captured by Luke and Cat Photography see entire feature here.

1. Jarritos madarin orange soda | 2. IBC Root Beer | 3. Starbucks Frappuccino | 4. galvanized bucket

ice tea station

ice tea station ideas

It is no surprise that Southern party planning experts Cedarwood Weddings created this refreshing ice-tea bar. Such a a great idea for your up and coming wedding or party. Easily recreate this look with a few mis-matched clear pitchers like the ones above from Target. Mix up your favorite teas - like lemon-citrus or mint julep and create labels letting guests know which is which. All they need to do is pour and enjoy.

1. infused glass pitcher | 2. bubble-glass-goblets | 3. short handled pitcher

ice tea station

Mimosa bars are perfect for afternoon brunches, wedding showers and basically any time you want to celebrate. With some serious inspiration from Design Love Fest and your neighborhood Target you could have your mimosa bar set up in no time.
We love the variety of fresh fruit (blackberries, strawberries, peaches and raspberries) placed in little dishes in front of the carafes of juice. Which included orange, guava, orange mango and raspberry juice. They also had a little dish of sugar so,  you could line the rims of your glass if you want to be extra sweet.

1. muddler | 2. beverage-tub | 3. metallic rim carafe | 4. square rim bowls set of 4

how to set up a mimosa bar

easy mimosa bar

So, as you see with the right ingredients and supplies you too can create your own drink station quite easily. Before we go we wanted to leave you with our favorite fail-safe drink station. Fill three beverage dispensers with ice tea, lemonade and mint infused water. Place on a crate for height and simply label each dispenser so guest know what they are sipping on. Captured by Fondly Forever Photography.

easy drink station

Esther Sun
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