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Sweet Treats + Mason Jar Wedding Flowers

Sweet Treats + Mason Jar Wedding Flowers

Happy Friday our sweets! What a week it has been.
Can you believe the end of April has already arrived? Well, we have some Sweet Treats for you to check out get some inspiration, see what is going on and give some well deserved talented peeps a little love.

1. We are finding that there is a plethora of talent in Salt Lake City area. Loving Chudleigh Weddings Photography. Animals faces and pirates all the rage.

2. We kinda are in love with Amanda Rae Photography. Not only is she cuter than cute she was also our model at the last stylelab workshop. She is super duper talented and has some lovely work to check out. I want that flower arrangement for my dinner table.

3. Don't forget about our custom downloads all for you and all for love.

4. Found this sweet little golden hair petal piece that would look fabu on you. Dainty cute and ohh so lovely. Get them over at Sibo Designs. She has so many pretty things that you will love. I promise.

5. Last but not least one of our favorite Boudoir artists, Jen Williams Boudoir does some ohh so sexy work. Check more racy photos here.

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