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Sweet Treats + Mary Swenson

Mary Swenson

We hope everyone had an incredibly splendid week!
Be sure to check back with us next week, it is our second birthday and the entire week we will be giving away AMAZING PRIZES. We are talking cash, veils and everything in between. Now on to our super delicious sweet treats. As usual all of our finds are from left to right.

1. We have always been followers over the ever talented Mary Swenson and know she sells her gorgeous prints online. The above print is for sell which is, Bright pink ranunculus, that just seemed made for an turquoise old Ball jar for $38

2. Ohh how we love Twigs and Honey and please stay tuned, they are part of our birthday week.

3. Decor8blog is one of our favorite hang outs and we found this amazing hanging plate piece over there.

4. We stumbled upon a new blog that you are going to love My Diy Wedding Day and found this great diy. Personalized drink stirrers, they actually found this cuter than cute diy over at our other favorite hang out Project Wedding.

5. Last but not lest we have some funky fresh modern save the dates that we found over at yet another fabu wedding blog, Oh So Beautiful Paper.

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