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Sweet Treats + Ballerina Bridals

Sweet Treats + Ballerina Bridals

We had such an incredible week filled to the brim with scrumptious ideas and wanted to end on a high note with this weeks Sweet Treats. We have so much to share with you next week so stay tuned for some seriously mouthwatering wedding ideas.

1. Don't forget about all our custom wedding goodies. Featured above is our Vintage Bride Wedding Tote. Remember we will totally customize it for you.

2. Fancy New York introduced their new Fall 2010 collection and boy is it Fancy.

3. Hang it up pretty! One detail many brides forget is a pretty hanger so that the photographer can take a photo of your dress. Lilafrances hanger store over at Etsy can whip you up one in 8-10 weeks so, plan in advance. They retail for around $22.

4. Don't forget to visit Real Weddings! There are so many great things to see in there. This particular photo is from a Venice wedding by Kate Harrison Photography. You could just die over all the details.

5. Last but not least we have a sneek peak of a lovely bridal session coming up from our favorite Asian Bees Photography. Prepare to live!

Sweet Treats + Ballerina Bridals

1. Get Married At The Viceroy

2. Viceroy Palm Springs Modern Wedding Venue

3. Yellow, Blue & Red All Over Wedding Details

4. DIY Rose Garden Wedding

5. Bridal Party Tees

6. Retro Wedding Gowns From Dolly Couture

7. Blue Carnation Strapless Dress In NYC

8. Custom Bridal Tees and Tank Tops

9. A Portugal Wedding With Delicious Details

10. A Sunny Garden Wedding

11. Costa Rica Wedding From Jose Villa Photography Part III

12. Costa Rica Wedding From Jose Villa Photography Part II

13. Your Free Bride & Groom Signs

14. Costa Rica Wedding From Jose Villa Photography Part I

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