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Susie Coelho – Special Guest Blogger


Congratulations to Amy and Jocey on their new resource for Brides, www.weddingchicks.com. Amy is such a talented and wonderful photographer and it was such a pleasure to be able to showcase some of her incredible work in Style Your Dream Wedding ,my latest book. We struggled and struggled to find the right cover shot and finally it was Amy’s that we chose. Thank you to Amy and all of the brides and grooms she photographed. You are truly the stars!


I wrote the book to help Brides find their dream wedding style so they can create the day that they have always dreamt about. We all have a picture of what our special day should look like and my book helps you identify what your style is and then goes into every aspect of your wedding based on the style of your wedding. To find out more about the book, go to my website www.susiecoelho.com. You will be able to see more of Amy’s photographs as well!

Style expert Susie Coelho has created this guide for the bride who wants to have a stylish

and personalized wedding. Coelho ignites the creative sparks for the woman planning her dream day by laying out the top 8 styles that any wedding fits into and provides inspiration and hundreds of unique ideas for each. Whether the bride chooses Classic, Classic Holiday, Contemporary, Beach, Countryside, Garden, Fanciful or Exotic, Coelho has provided every tool imaginable for her to not only achieve, but surpass even her own expectations.
Sophisticated, accessible styles are found on every page in some of the most stunningly beautiful photography ever compiled in a title of this kind. From a formal church wedding to a barefoot beach ceremony, she helps every bride create a wedding that is truly her own.
With her witty, warm voice, Coelho is like your best friend and your ultimate wedding consultant rolled into one.

The Wedding Chicks want to thank Susie for taking the time to share with our readers!
Her new book is one of our, “chick book picks,” for wedding inspiration. Guaranteed to spark the creativity while styling your dream wedding. Click here to purchase the book!

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