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Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

If you just got engaged, chances are all the VIPs in your family and inner social circles know about it - and they’re pumped for you, of course they are. That being said, you will get to a place where you feel like your ride or dies might want to hear about all the wedding stuff just a little less (they love you two, they do, for real, but the ‘getting married in X amount days’ countdown can get old, just sayin!). And for when that time comes, VRAI is here for you. Us, too, we’re always here to be your fangirls leading up to the wedding! The brand that puts a sustainable touch on modern and timeless fine jewelry designs just launched their Summer Bridal Experience - and they want to hear ALL about your love story and what makes it so special. Showing off counts in this case, so make sure you square up on all the steps to win!

Make VRAI a part of your vows

As you jump into wedding planning, VRAI wants to join you on the journey! Not only do they want to discover your love stories (more specifically, your romantic tales that stir the soul), they want to be a part of them. 

Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

Here’s what you stand to win from their Summer Bridal Experience:

Feel like gushing about your partner and the party you’re planning for, some more, post-proposal? This ultimate wedding planning package giveaway is the perfect excuse for repeat social media photo dumps (and who doesn’t have them all queued up, #arewerite?). Enter to win an exclusive consultation with celebrity wedding planner, Colin Cowie; a personalized session with stylist Petra Flannery; and a white-glove virtual appointment with VRAI’s diamond experts.

Gain expert advice on what venue, theme, flowers, music, food, and wine will make your wedding celebration absolutely unforgettable. Glean guidance on the styles and silhouettes that will have you and your bridal party looking positively radiant. Curate and contemplate the fine jewelry to complete your wedding-day look and all the major milestone days to come - all featuring VRAI-created, sustainable and ethical diamonds, BTW.

Before your story turns a new page with the happily ever after, VRAI will make the vows even more noteworthy with your choice of wedding bands, on them.

Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

Here’s how to make it happen:

1.  Visit the contest landing page to enter

2.  Share all your qualifying details (name, email address, birthday, Insta handle, etc.)

3.  Follow @VRAIofficial on Instagram

4. Make your page public and share an in-feed post (it should be a pic that features you and your partner along with a caption that brings your love story to life and makes it sparkle!)

5.  Add tags to seal the deal! Tag @VRAIofficial and use the hashtag #VRAIlovestory2021

Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

And a few extra points for persistence, plus team efforts!

1. Share your story as much as possible while continuing to tag @VRAIofficial and #VRAIlovestory2021

2.  Have your S.O. enter (on the entry page) and post as well (reminder, their feeds must be public)

3.  Ask friends and family to repost your static post or use in an Insta story (using the same tags)

4. Tag your bridesmaids and groomsmen and/or refer other friends to post their own love stories (and if we’re being honest, who doesn’t like to rave about their own romance?!)

Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

VRAI is just so cool, IYKYK. If not, tho, here’s the takeaway!

The brand designs fine jewelry and engagement rings for life’s truest, most visceral and palpable moments. Through an innovative customization experience, unique diamond shapes, and recycled gold, they bring couples and fashion enthusiasts alike unprecedented and accessible luxury. Their jewelry features diamonds sustainably created by VRAI, in their zero-emission foundry, the world’s first certified carbon neutral producer, in fact. They utilize renewable, hydropower energy to create diamonds that are atomically identical to mined diamonds - doing so ensures that every created diamond is unique, has guaranteed origin, and bears no human or environmental toll.

Their packaging, too, is made from recyclable, compostable, and reusable materials. Shipping boxes are constructed from recycled cardboard while the molded trays (that hold each jewelry box) are made from compressed sugarcane pulp, an environmentally-friendly and renewable resource.

Show Off Your Love Story for a Chance to Win Your Wedding Rings + More

Enter the giveaway from now through August 1st to win enviable planning help and wedding bands that you’ll love for the rest of your lives. (Oh, and if you haven’t gotten engaged yet - VRAI has engagement rings, too - available in 10 shapes and 13 settings with customization options…)

FOLLOW @VRAIofficial on IG to see more modern and timeless designs and even more love stories

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We partnered with VRAI to bring you all the details on this fabulous contest! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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