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Finally! The first hand soap that cleans your ring without taking it off!

non toxic jewelry cleaner kit by Shinery

Is your once-radiant engagement ring still sparkling the way it did when the love of your life first slipped it onto your finger? Probably not, and that’s totally normal. Soap, minerals, and other residues from our day-to-day routine build up over time and can cloud your stone. But who has time to take their ring to the jeweler for a cleaning or the patience for at-home jewelry soaks? Not us! But now there’s a way to clean your jewelry at home [wait for it] WHILE YOU’RE STILL WEARING IT! That’s right, you don’t even have to take it off! Shinery's non-toxic, plant-based, skin-loving jewelry cleaning products fit right into your beauty routine and will leave your precious jewels looking brand new.

“Cleaning my engagement ring is as easy as washing my hands. Rub into damp skin and rinse. Glycerin softens hands while fatty acids nix buildup on jewelry, leaving a sparkle that rivals a professional cleaning.” -Real Simple

Non-toxic Jewelry Cleaner, Can It Be?

non toxic jewelry cleaning hand soap by Shinery

Believe it! Shinery products are made in the USA and use coconut-derived emulsifiers and surfactants, glycerin, corn-based denatured alcohol, citric acid pH-adjuster, and food-grade preservatives to clean and polish your jewelry. All of which, we might add, are totally safe to use right on your skin. So, no more soaking your jewelry in harmful chemicals! Shinery’s products also work on all kinds of jewelry from costume pieces to fine jewelry and antique heirlooms. That means diamonds, moissanite, morganite, gemstones, and all metals. It can also be used to clean your bridal hair combs, tiaras, and other accessories that will definitely need it after all the hairspray. And their special formula is safe enough for everyday use, so Shinery will fit perfectly into your daily beauty routine.

“This is an AMAZING product! 2-3 pumps, wash my hands (making sure to get the product on my jewelry), and, voila! My jewelry looks like I just scrubbed it with one of those harsh jewelry cleaners. Added bonus— my hands are soft and not dried out.”

The bridal collection dream team


jewelry cleaner that you can use while you're wearing your rings by Shinery

Did you know that normal soap can get stuck under your stone or cause discoloration to the metal? And these days it feels like we’re washing our hands every couple minutes! Well, this is your engagement ring’s new best friend! Shinery’s Radiance Wash is the first-ever hand soap that cleans your rings while you wash your hands. As working women, you know we’re all about multitasking. It uses plant-derived surfactants to surround and trap dirt, oil, beauty buildup, and other residues from your jewelry and wash them away with water, leaving your engagement ring looking like new! And at 3.3 fluid ounces (over 130 uses) it’s TSA-friendly so you can take it with you to make sure your ring is ready for its close-up on your big day and all through your honeymoon.

“A gem of an idea: hand soap that cleans your jewelry at the same time - so you don't have to take off your rings and risk losing them while washing! What a cute, useful present for anyone who loves to really sparkle.” -Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022


non toxic jewelry cleaning wipes by Shinery

Perfect for keeping in your wedding clutch and giving out to each of your bridesmaids, Shinery’s Radiance Towelettes are an absolute MUST for your wedding-day emergency kit. They’re also great to have on hand for engagement photos, engagement parties, bridal showers, and your honeymoon. From fashion to fine jewelry, this is the quickest and easiest way to make your jewelry shine and sparkle for all those photo-ops.

“This formula is made with super-clean ingredients that truly left my engagement ring and wedding band completely LUMINOUS! I've purchased for myself, and gifts for friends!”


jewelry buffing and polishing pom by Shinery

If you think your ring shines when it’s clean, just wait till you see it polished! Shinery’s Illuminating Pom looks like a chic little powder applicator but this high-performance, sponge-like, absorption material is specially designed to maximize the absorption of dirt, oil, beauty buildup, and other residues when rubbed on jewelry. By simply rubbing the Pom on your jewelry, you can easily remove tarnish and buff and polish metal to bring back the shine.

save on the perfect gift

the shinery bride kit is the perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party gift

Obvi you should invest in Shinery for yourself but their gift sets are perfect for bridesmaid thank you's or other newly engaged friends. Plus, just look at how cute this packaging is! And right now, Shinery is offering Wedding Chicks, readers, 20% off their entire bridal collection when you use Code: WEDDING20 at checkout.

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“If you need a budget-friendly gift for a bride, grab this 2-in-1 product. It’s hand soap that doubles as jewelry cleaner, so she can wash her hands and polish up her engagement ring at the same time. (And it works on all other jewelry, too, so it’s a gift that extends beyond wedding season.)” - Oprah Daily

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