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Next Level Friendship Jewelry for the Besties By Your Side

Next Level Friendship Bracelets for the Besties By Your Side

We are always so excited when we come across a cool new bridesmaid gift idea, because a lot of us have been brides already and getting gifts for our girls wasn’t necessarily the most fun time ever. Monogrammed gifts and personalized goodies are cute and all, but the best tokens of appreciation don’t just throw on a pretty name plate or engraving and call it a day. Nope, instead, they have a lot more meaning and context behind them. Want you all to meet Rellery, a brand that focuses on premium personalized jewelry that can be customized with names, dates, coordinates, and initials! They’re essentially bringing back a vibe that was 90s ‘cool girl’ currency: friendship bracelets, and they’re helping brides get their gifting game back in the process.

If you’re a bride rn, you’re going to want Rellery on your radar.

Whether your ‘I Do’ crew has been with you from the beginning (kind of a #nonewfriends situation) or has grown throughout various stages and phases of your life (a composition of childhood, high school, and college friends mixed with work wifeys, soulmates, and pals who you met through your partner (and/or his or her besties), all of you can probably agree that at some point in your past, friendship jewelry and the gem friends that inspired it = life.

Next Level Friendship Bracelets for the Besties By Your Side

Rellery’s take on the trend doesn’t involve neon rainbow rope bracelets or chunky charm chokers, though, instead their wares are made of precious metals only (sterling silver or 14K solid gold, that is). Nothing is skin irritating (cheap brass and nickel will do that to ya) and everything is produced ethically.

Here’s what we love about them.

They’re made to order, not mass produced.

An overwhelming majority of their orders are custom, so that means they’ll only produce what they need and when they need it. Only a handful of items (like their chains) is made in advance, in limited batches, to minimize potential waste, which is a lot more than we can say about traditional mass-produced pieces.

They're ethically-sourced. 

Whenever possible and from beginning to end, Rellery uses local materials and resources harnessed from their own great state of Rhode Island. Sheets of metal, wire, casting grain, and chains from RI coast to its inlands.

They’re responsible and they recycle. 

This is big for us, brides. Rellery only uses precious metals that can be recycled at any metal refinery. All the materials (extra stock, returns, and or items with defects) are recycled and used again using local Rhode Island refiners. The takeaway? Every piece also has actual, inherent value for the customer versus what they would see from costume jewelry. For bridesmaids, now that their dresses are fashion and not costumes for a one-and-done celebration, why should their jewelry be any different?!!

Next Level Friendship Bracelets for the Besties By Your Side

And why we love them for brides and their besties. Well, there’s a lot of reasons, but these are our faves:

  1. Their pendants, especially the flower ones, are SUPER cute. How about a bride having a late fall or winter wedding (with sunflowers, no less, which we absolutely adore) and giving each of her ladies a necklace with a sunflower pendant? OR giving each girl a birth flower necklace (mine's May, the Dainty Lily Necklace, and I'm obsessed)? Yes!!

  2. Their bar necklace can be printed with important dates (or coordinates) that map back to where your relationships were born out of. So maybe that's the coordinates of your college or high school campus (or maybe even the park you hung out at as kids, where you’d literally wear your throwback friendship bracelets way back in the day).

  3. Their chokers and anklets (also pretty retro and rad!) make for great ‘sisterhood of the traveling pants’-style gifts. If you’re the bride, you can get all of your girls one and then make a pact to wear them every time you guys get together in the future - starting with your bachelorette! (That’s right, we’re saying you can give your bridesmaids a gift way before the wedding and not have to have it ‘match’ their gowns. Forced fashion just isn’t a good look IMO.

Next Level Friendship Bracelets for the Besties By Your Side

Shop our top 10 faves now 

And try not to think about The Babysitter’s Club when you’re doing it (as if that’s possible 😉). 

  1. Sunflower Necklace
  2. Butterfly Necklace
  3. Anklet
  4. Bar Necklace
  5. Signet Ring
  6. Initial Necklace
  7. Bar Bracelet
  8. Choker Necklaces
  9. Cuban Link Chain
  10. Heart Bracelet


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We partnered with Rellery to share the coolest trendy-throwback bridesmaid gift idea we've seen in a while. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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